Honor,loyalty,chivalry,Knighthood,Manga,strategy video games,squad based games and combat,Chrome hounds,Warhammer40k,MechWarrior, Fire Emblem,Aliens series,reading,advance wars,Favorite manga:Inyu-Yasha,DragonBall-DragonBall Z,Favorite book genras:Sci-Fi,Romance,Fantasy(listed in order of importance),FavoriteBook:Enders game,Favorite series:Enders Game-Enders Shadow.


"Death before damnation!!!"The final words of force commander Uric of the Banshees 4th company as he leapt into the warp after deamon prince Tzinnth whereabouts:unknown thought dead or fight hordes of deamons in the warp.Marked:Mia missing in action.
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