The difinitive, if the next one is better then ill be holding out for the four horsemen SuperSmashBrosBrawl Wii
for years i dreamt of something...anything like this actually existed then i wanted it. A week after the thought, nintendo prevailed SuperSmashBros N64
A beautiful game, with some much needed addidtional characters, i dont think ninty ever failed with any of their ssb line ups SuperSmashBrosMelee GC
A beautiful game with a nice set of interesting items power up and collectables, The treasurs still in it to but bnothing beats sailing... TheLegendOfZeldaSpiritTracks DS
A brilliant game, its addictive and you just cant help but whip your partners latest high score on table tennis. Full of charming little... WiiSportsResort Wii
The opening introduction and first few minutes of game play are superb and do well to give the wii a good name....then it just got boring TheConduit Wii
One of the best motion plus games out there. It provides fantastic scenery, and well a story to introduce gamers to the delights of a... RedSteel2 Wii
An absolutley Beautiful game, with plenty of colour and charm. The side missions are interesting i just hope that more and more... GrandTheftAutoChinatownWars DS
It always froze at the end TheHouseOfTheDead PC
Not a fan of the game to be honest TombRaiderTheAngelOfDarkness PS2
This one was sooo weird MagicCarpet PSX
I was terribly addicted to this game Loaded PSX
Yeah a good little racer RidgeRacer PSX

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