I went to school for Native American studies, Learned a few languages, understood a few things and came a semester away from graduating and then decided to drop the program, but will soon be resuming the degree in the falls . I have a degree in massage therapy and holistic studies.

I hang around the Writers Lounge, RP forum and the Paranormal Forum.

Top favorites:
Movie: Stir of Echoes
Book/series: Phillippa Gregorys 'Cousins War'
Band: Breaking Benjamin
Manga Series: xxxHolic/reservoir chronicle/ legal drug
Stone: Selenite or Black tourmaline

My Neofriends Are:
Amano Murokumo
Lord 245
Powr of Three

If you arent on here and want to be listed (for some strange reason :) Pm Me and I will Add You. Dont be afraid to ask.

The best quotes in the world are:
4. Necrophilia - the indescribable urge to crack open a cold one..."
- I don't know but they must have been screwed up.
4 2/1. Pyronecrobeastrophilia- if you don't know how to translate it, then you are not going to like what it is
5 and 1/2. Campsite rental... $50
Rope... $10
3 bottles of honey... $15
Seeing your guy friend scream like a girl after being tied to a tree in a remote part of the forest and had honey spread all over his body while a bear approaches...Priceless
"I was going to insult you, but I did not want to confuse you."
"With your last statement and current appearance you have just answered the question of--'Did the white man ever *bleep* the Buffalo'!"
"Wow have you ever stared at a box? wow man... wow"- me
"Run away! Its a freggin Gazebo!" -Eric the Bumhug.
"Theres got to be a hole for it Josie"-Eric the Bumhug
"I think that the Bible was left on earth by aliens to *bleep* with our heads man. Think on it. God is represented with a bright light shining down from the sky.... Aliens are represented with a bright light comming down from the sky.- Brad Fox
"Lets throw Dusty in the deep-frier." Tom
"There would be a lot to burn off" Dusty
"I put mayonnaise on my pancakes." Matt
~ A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer- Johanna
~ You have to kill someone with a spork... - Me
~ Hi my name is Mark I have the attention span of a fly and.... - Mark
~ The first thing vampire children have to learn is not to run with a wooden stake - Johanna
~ I dont suffer from insanity I enjoy every minute of it - Mike
~ Wear your seatbelt, it will make it harder for those alien bastards to steal you from your car. - A cool bumpersticker
"My puke looks like fruity pebbles. Go look, its cool!" Cody.
"I haven't said anything worth quoting" -Wookie
"Go eat a weenie you tub o lard."- me
"She thinks she is a Nazi Irish princess, you would have to tie a board to your feet lest you fall in. She has the swallow whole feat."
"They're not children, their spawn's of hell"- Herr Chris
"God, Please send me a mack truck to kill all these mofo's"- Herr Wookie
"I just noticed that you like sex toys." - Mole
"I put a hungry man in the oven..." -Jacob's Ladder
"Surprise butt sex is the only way to say "I love you" - Dusty
"You know the ladies hate you when you have to put a paper bag over your head and wear pheromone cologne in order to attract the ladies."
"Cap." tanner
"Cap?" me
"Cap cap? " dusty
"tak!" me
"tak?" Tanner
"tak! Tak a la, Meen heem toe" (reference to Steven Kings Desperation)
"if Jesus drinks beer he has to drink 'the beast', I mean, come on, his best friends were tax collectors and fisherman. He would have to drink Milwaukee's Best." Bogle


I like most kinds of music, books, manga, and art. I like to write, and I will be late for my own funeral, provided that I still attend :) I am a big believer in ghosts, spirits and energy medicine. I hunt ghosts professionally, train animals, and do various types of artwork. My current study is altered states of consciousness.,
Things that Scare me
1. My brain
2. Air
3. Leprechauns
4. Purple woodchucks
5. My closet
6. My bed
7. White rappers
8. clowns
9. Inflation
10. the guy that is standing outside my window right now.
11. Necrophiliacs
12. Aliens
13. sex toys. (sorry kids)
14. Russians (just kidding)
15. People in germ suits
16. Badonkadonk butts.
17. Chinchilla's
18. Tentacle Hintai
19. Romance novels
20. Even Numbers.
21. Ghosts.
I have been made to update this every two seconds by a mean person named Frau Chris and Herr Wookie my roommates (who aren't German) They control every aspect of my life. Please save me. ACK!


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