segaman Sindrak
Jan 6, 08 12:20am
Hey, I'm just runnin' around and signing people's guestbooks. How's it goin'? Have a nice day and enjoy your video games and whatever else you do for fun!

See ya later, buddy!

PS: Hit me back!
Crystal Creation Sindrak
Jun 21, 07 3:27am
Hello there Prince Sander. Just dropping by a Guestbook Signature to congratulate you on your exemplary modding. Good luck with everything, in both Neoseeker and in Real Life, and I hope to see you around:

Because deep down everybody loves Starmie! xD

Dragon King7777 Sindrak
Jan 13, 07 12:18am
Just dropping by to say that Chaos Swordsman is a great master, and he <3 you.

Mew King Sindrak
Jan 12, 07 10:56pm
[size=4]I have been sent to sign your gaybook. Moogles are teh PWNZORS. Now please kill me. kthxbi[size]
dabliharo Sindrak
Jan 12, 07 6:31pm

Howdy I am here on behalf of my beloved master Chaos Swordsman. He is the grandest of the land his greatness matches only that of Llamas Moogles, and now that I have told you this I sincerely ask that you think of Chaos Swordsman every night before you go to bed.

XtremeZH Sindrak
Jan 12, 07 3:10am

I am doing this under CS's orders. I am his slave and he is my master so I do as I am ordered. He is a great master and I love him. I LuV ChaOS SworDsMaN aND KruNaL!
Sandy_luv_ribbon Sindrak
Jan 11, 07 2:48am
yo just wanted to sign and stuff!
sign bak or stamp me!!!hey maybe you could pm meh some time kay l8ters! peace,

Tag your it you have to sign back or else!!!
Tora Sindrak
Aug 11, 06 2:58am

Thanx for all the help on Noeseeker!
Plz sign back!
lavendarette Sindrak
Jul 10, 06 10:57pm
Hey, Prince Sander ! I think you're a great hard-working moderator so I wanted to sign your guestbook.. even though you don't know me . I'm not sure if you're very interested in Pokemon, but here's a cool Umbreon stamp..

Obey Twilight or he shall crush you ! Well, sign back please. Have a nice day .

An Addicted Gamer,
lollipopz Sindrak
Jun 19, 06 1:41pm


Aya Chan Sindrak
Jun 18, 06 6:09pm
congrats, you're finally able to buy hentai legally! XD go get that hot juicy teacher video that you were talking about a little while ago. :33

Chaos Seraph Sindrak
Jun 18, 06 5:44am
Hey Sander. Congratulations on your 18th birthday. ^^

You're a really great mod, and you don't hate hentai so:



Enjoy yourself kay?
Tengu Sindrak
Jun 4, 06 4:40pm
Just Signing.

Bye ^-^
Phantasy Sindrak
Apr 28, 06 11:03am
If my memory serves me right, I don't believe I've sign your guestbook before, but that's about to change!

See ya around,

kingdomhearts77 Sindrak
Apr 15, 06 10:23am
Hey, I don't think you even know me that well >_> just signing everyone's guestbook.

Cya around.
GuardianGriffen Sindrak
Apr 14, 06 6:54am
Man you work too hard.

I would tell you to stop and smell the roses, but you might be allergic.

I would tell you to get some rest, but there is no rest for the wicked.

The only thing I can realy say is listen to teacher. She is waiting for you on the beach when you are done.

Don't keep her waiting too long Josh.
LinkMaster03 Sindrak
Apr 9, 06 4:45pm
Hey, I'm just dropping by to say hi! We haven't talked in a while.. we're still friends, right? I get bored sometimes, PM me when you have the chance! Sign back please!

Chobi Sindrak
Mar 14, 06 2:44am
It feels like I haven't spoken to you in ages! I guess it hasn't really been that long, but we haven't had long conversations in a while or anything. I miss you and you aren't even really gone. -Sighs- I had a dream about you last night. I think it proves how horny I am. -Laughs and then frowns a little- Uh...I'll tell you about it later. I should probaby stop talking now before I accidentally say something I don't want to in public.

Love you!
Bluephionix Sindrak
Mar 14, 06 1:48am
Hello Prince Sander. I just wanted to sign your G-book and so Have a nice time.
Cheater X Sindrak
Feb 25, 06 7:28pm
Hey Prince Sander! You've been a great mod; keep up the good work!

Thanks for helping me out with Pokemon!

Meh... it's a little crooked. ^.^;;

But uuhhh; there's my stamp thingy!!
See you around the forums!!

flame_boi13 Sindrak
Feb 15, 06 3:42am
I wanted to give you a Gackt Stamp but what the *bleep* its Valentines Day !!!

zOMG I miss out signing ur AssBook soooo sorry.Anyways Princess Sander you have been a wonderfulous magnificentnest extravanganzest mod on neoseeker.Keep up the good work and take care of Angie too.

Cya soon Princess Sander XD!!!

Chobi Sindrak
Feb 14, 06 4:35pm
I know I signed earlier, but I just can't resist signing again for the actual day. I love you to death and I'm so happy that we're together. I just wish that I could be there to give you a giant hug and kiss...and maybe more. Bwahaha! Hmmm, I really shouldn't be talking about that here! XD Uh-oh, people are watching. >_> Have a good Valentines Day sweetie, and know that my love is with you.

malickspence Sindrak
Feb 7, 06 11:08am
there =) you like my stamp??? its kool isnt it... anyway good luck with the hard work
Chobi Sindrak
Feb 2, 06 7:22pm
I know it's early, but I'd better sign now in case I forget later. *laughs*

Sometimes I think about
The first time I realized
That I love you...

It was as if my eyes
Took a picture at that moment
And shared it with my heart.

Sometimes I think about
How much my life has changed
Because of your love.

I think about you,
I think about your happiness,
I think about us,
And I think of our life together;

Then I realize you are...
As much a part of me,
As the air I breathe...
And the dreams I nurture.

But, from time to time,
I still like to remember
The first time I looked into...
Those big beautiful eyes.

I look into them deeply,
And realize I see my future...
Within them forevermore!!!
Happy Valentines Day,

I love you, always and forever.

All my love,
Flame Phoenix Sindrak
Feb 1, 06 3:25am
well im signing ur guestbook! have fun! bye!