Hey, I'm looking for a shiny Silcoon or a Beautify. Gender, nature and IV's aren't important but I don't want

Hey, I'm looking for an abra with magic guard so I can start playing pokemon Sapphire with an all psychic team. I'd p

I've recently started Alpha Sapphire, and I really need a ditto to breed my Grovyle and my Cyndaquil. So does anyone have

Hey, I'm after a specific Kangaskhan. I have one already but it doesn't have the move I need.. here's the info on

I'm looking for Toxic Orb for my Shroomish, I can offer a Mewtwonite X, Choice Specs, Silk Scarf, Silver Powder, Soft Sa

Does anyone have a shiny Phatump? Even it's just a trophy shiny, I'll trade a decent shiny for it.. for example I hav

I have the gardevoir listed below, shiny and I'm curious to what people would offer for her. She's not Kalos born

Hi, I'm after a Diancie. It doesn't need any specific ivs but English is preferred. I'm also after a shiny Spoi

Title says it all, I have a Genesect and I only have the burn drive.. so I'll trade items to see if I can get the other d

I have this Ralts that I'll clone and trade to people ;) Sadly no she's not Kalos born.. but she has the egg move Sha

I've got some trophy shinies I don't want so I'll see if I can get any other trophy shinies for them, or I could

I have a 4IV Shiny Froakie I really don't want. It's missing Sp. Def and Speed. I'll trade him for almost any oth

Title says it all really, I really want a shiny Bagon and Noibat, I want Bagon more but either will do. More IVs the better :

I'm mainly looking for shiny dragon (Like Bagon!) and fairy pokemon. 5-6 preferred IVs but it doesn't matter if it&a

I have a 4IV shiny Typhlosion I no longer want sitting in my pc box. He's level 36, has perfect IVs in: Attack, Defence

I'm looking for a shiny English Dialga for a friend. IVs don't matter. Up for trade for it I have: 6IV Victini - E

I really need a Lucario with Vaccume Wave for breeding D:

I'm looking for the final event pokemon, so the shiny Entei. I have the Suicune and Raikou, both are shiny and have 6IVs

I'm looking for a few shinies. And depending what you ask for will depend if I need to clone the pokemon, as some are par

I have these two shinies up for trade. :) Nidoking Adamant Poison Point 31/X/31/X/31/0 Gabite (F) Serious Sand Vei

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