I've seen people powering up in some youtube videos, how do you do it? Is it race specific?

Let's say that Goku grew his tail back, and gave him the Saiyan Oozaru training so that Goku's mind stays intact in t

So as of Patch 5.2, Deathfire Grasp will be removed and champions "affected" will be compensated, similar to the Li

Let's say that boost Trunks Got from SSJG3 compared to his SSJ1 is the same when we compare MSSJ Goku to SSJG3 Goku (Cell

Scenario: Bulma fixes the time machine that Cell arrived in, Piccolo hops in and accidentally goes to the wrong timeline.

Goku from Dragon Ball Evolution (end) fights Videl from Fusion Reborn, who wins?

What if Cell didn't receive a sensu bean and went up against these different people. 1. Vegeta 2. Gohan (no coachin

In the World Tournament, Tien fought Trunks, forcing him to go SSJ and still giving him a good fight while in that form. In t

Scenario: When Fat Buu is about to fight Majin Vegeta, SP Cell appears with 7 SP Cell Jrs to take the fight instead. They

_Scenario:_ After Goku's heart disease is cured and Piccolo fuses with Kami, the Z fighters find themselves in front o

The power level of the punch Goku used to defeat Broly in Movie 8 was pretty high, but how high? To figure this out we'd

So Gohan wasn't qualified to be the main character in Dbz, this could have been for a few different reasons. The main rea

This is a calculation based on BoG and GT. Assuming _Goku's power level = 1_ (BoG) we can figure out our multiplier like

Doctor Manhattan's feats: * Modifying physical properties * Reassembling his body and creating several bodies * Walk

The Article: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/03/31/vizs-weekly-shonen-jump-to-feature-bonus-dragon-ball-manga

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