Quetzalcoatl Simon_Liverpoolfc
Mar 13, 11 9:08am
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Tko Simon_Liverpoolfc
Jul 18, 06 3:58am
Hello i have seen you around Neoseeker so i am signing your guestbook and stamping it.


nando Simon_Liverpoolfc
May 15, 06 11:43pm
You support a great team so Im signing your guestbook!

Speak to you soon
nando Simon_Liverpoolfc
May 15, 06 11:42pm
You support a great team so Im signing your guestbook!

Speak to you soon
Sweeney Simon_Liverpoolfc
Feb 22, 06 4:21am
Cheers for signing my guestbook Simon. Just returning the favour.

Hope to see you around a bit more in future.

Lone Warrior Simon_Liverpoolfc
Feb 1, 06 9:09pm
Hey, man! Since we are both like Ivory Coast players in Copa Africa, I thought I’d sign your guestbook. And if we actually win the cup, I may consider giving you my first ever LW stamp.
See you around in football forums.
Chelskiman Simon_Liverpoolfc
Jan 5, 06 11:00am
Damn i thought we could get rid of you
anyway i see you posting alot in the PES5 forum and you seem a nice young chap
hope to see you posting soon
TVI Simon_Liverpoolfc
Jan 5, 06 6:55am
Damn you Simon! You tricksed me.

Wheres the petition you promised?

Anyway, don't stop posting, and congrats on reaching 1K. I'll only be impressed if you get to 10K though. Ha.
mnolan Simon_Liverpoolfc
Jan 5, 06 5:57am
You said "If you've had enough of my posts and want me to stop, sign this petition" So I'm signing this petition.

Wait, this is no petition

Seriously, it's great having you around the PES5 and Football forums

Lewis_Dogg Simon_Liverpoolfc
Sep 4, 05 2:53am
Yo this guy is going round the pro evo forum saying that Iouga scores goals. Apart from being a massive lier, this guy is also pretty cool to have round the forums. keep it up bro
black_wing79 Simon_Liverpoolfc
Aug 29, 05 3:14am
hey its grea to know a fellow liverpool fan on neo!! hope to be a friend of yours!!
AINZY Simon_Liverpoolfc
Aug 11, 05 9:09pm
Hey. just clicked the link so as you support the best team in the world (or just europe) your guestbook is now signed!
C U around!!
minimint Simon_Liverpoolfc
Aug 10, 05 4:02am
Hey mate, thanks for signing my g-book. Seen ya around the PES4 forum and football i think. Well anyway here's my signing and keep up the good posting
Evanescence14 Simon_Liverpoolfc
Jul 8, 05 4:36am
Nice Pic!

Forget jennifer ellison.
now youv got amy lee!
hope you like my stamp
Kos Rebellion Simon_Liverpoolfc
Jul 1, 05 4:47am
Take this wit you now lady.

N' a gud day to you...you *bleep* prostatute!!!

WiLkO10 Simon_Liverpoolfc
Jun 21, 05 8:55pm
Jus Cos The Scousers Won The CL = P

CrystalLaser Simon_Liverpoolfc
Jun 21, 05 3:01am
You want more signings, so here you are, have a game too! The Classroom
LilSlaya217 Simon_Liverpoolfc
Jun 19, 05 12:02am
I am just stamping ppl Got a little bored... Hope you like me stamps Please stamp back as well. Thanks

Wonderland_10 Simon_Liverpoolfc
Jun 10, 05 10:15pm
Yo man

I see you around the forums quite often now, and i just thought i'd pop up to say hi...now bi
TVI Simon_Liverpoolfc
Jun 1, 05 2:51am
Hey simon. Everyone seems to be signing each others guestbooks at the moment, so I thought I'd join in :-P. Sign mine as well.
T0a5t3r Simon_Liverpoolfc
May 25, 05 12:03am
I thought you might like this stamp.

Please return the gesture.

Oh, and we would really appreciate your signature.

Happy posting,

lfc 2004 Simon_Liverpoolfc
May 24, 05 2:28am
Hi its lfc 2004 you dont know me very well but i hope we will get to know each as you also support Liverpool. I heard we have got a new away kit coming out around August and we could possibly have a new sponsor next season.
sam oates Simon_Liverpoolfc
May 24, 05 1:53am
thanks fore singing my tread ::
Nikey Kid Simon_Liverpoolfc
May 23, 05 9:13pm
Hey wass up man,

i'd thought i'd sign your guestbook
seeing as you got quite a lot of signs.

p.s could you sign mine please
Reason Simon_Liverpoolfc
May 5, 05 12:04am
We`re in the final for the first time in 20 years. Now Liverpool can laugh at Chelsea. ! My favourite player is Garcia, who is yours?Remember to Sign Back!!!