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My little sister ADORES Peppa Pig. She could spend hours watching it. Sometimes I do watch with her and I realised that it could be sexist, teaching young children that men are oafs and women always know what to do. Daddy Pig is portrayed asa slob who claims to know everything and do nothing. He also is a bit Homer-Simpsonesque (Oh daddy pig, you ARE silly!)
But what can I do? I can't stop her watching it (she knows how to operate the iPhone now). Does anyone agree with me though? Particularly women, as many seem to think "If it's not sexist against women it's not sexist at all.) which in itself is sexist. Anyone agree?

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August 13 2008, the day it all began....

The Sims 2 was given to me as a gift while on holiday. I think it was my first computer game. Or maybe that was Zoo Tycoon 2? Either way, I played the Sims 2 a LOT. I purchased all the expansions, learned the tricks, the cheats, and, was introduced to a w website called Neoseeker.

I didn't know it was called that then. It was only 2005/06. I remember browsing through the threads. I don't remember much else. There was a member called Omlette, I think, who had a sort of brown bear/cat cartoon as his/her avatar. I think it wasthat avatar that did it for me. I didn't spend long on Neoseeker, an hour I think, but it stayed in my memory because of the avatar. Then, in June/July 2008, I encountered Neoseeker again. On the 13th of August I made my decision to join the site. I chose the name SimDalmatian, firstly because it had a nice ring to it and secondly because sims and dogs were my two biggest interests. I was pretty childish back then. I decided to add somebody as a friend because she answered a question posted by myself. Her name was bishty, and she turned out to become one of the best Neofriends I've ever had. A lot of the time spent on Neo (we always called it neo back then. I dont know about now) were just pm conversations. Soon enough I recieved a PM entitled Neighbourhoodvkiller, a game we used to play on theSims 2 forum. The sender was matrix, who also was added, and he too was a very good neofriend. These two neofriends, TS2 and possibly boredom kept me on this site.
To be continued.....

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I have read this book fully and i loved it. My favorite book ever. AngelsandDemons
I am not currentely playing Spore, but when I am I like to create adventures and share them with everyone. Spore PC
My favorite game so far. I love this game. ZooTycoon2 PC
I really want this game! Its got two of my favoite animals: African Wild Dogs and Giant Sable Antelopes! ZooTycoon2EndangeredSpecies PC
Another great game. Really updates the space stage. SporeGalacticAdventures PC
A brilliant game. Creating your own planets is very fun. Spore PC
A good game with a lot of violence. DestroyAllHumans2 PS2

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