hi i was wondiring how to activate cheats on mauiltyplayer so can you reply to me on my guest book or send me it on jambo-cfc-2007@hotmail.co.uk bye
hey, wazzup?
you seem cool... so im gunna sign.
heres a stamp:


j/k heres your real stamp:

see ya!
Might Be A Bit Early But I Might Forget To Sign Later On
So Make Sure You Have A Fantastic Christmas

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!

It's been a long time since we spoke, SW. I'll have to get talking to you again sometime. Anyway....

Have a great Christmas. It doesn't matter if you don't get any presents this year...does it?

From the one and the only 5% sane Demon Lover...Kate xx
Hey there, I'm just wanting to make more friends, so I'm signing your GB. PM me and don't forget to sign back. Bye!
You did not had a stamp in months! So I`ll help you out!
Hey there Silverwolf

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo

I hope you have the perfect Easter

With lots of wonderful choclate eggs

Theres also religion involved so don't get greedy

And again don't forget to enjoy it.
Try to go easy on the choclate eggs.
And while your at it spread the happyness
Stampped by the one and only

Happy New Year! Have a great one. ^-^
Happy New Year Silverwolf and a Late Merry Christmas.

I am no "Little Boy".

Sign my guestbook please.If you want,you can.

Happy New Year!

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Hello, I am just come by and sign youe book~hope you enjoy it and sign back plz.

Guess what? I'm on my signing spree again^^ This is one of my lastest stamps. Sign back if u want^_^
See ya;)

have a dollar too?

Never mind.
Nice avatar.
Here's one of my newest stamps..

Hope ya like it!!


This message was brought to you by a sleepy
I saw u in the SSBM forum, so I just thought of signing ur guestbook, since it hasn't been signed for a while now;)
Have a stamp:)

Please sign back;)
I'll see ya around
I've seen you around the forums alot, so I've decided to sign your Guestbook. @#$% Character amount! Good luck with Ruby and Sapphire!
I've seen you around in the SSBM forum and now im signing
You better sign back
Thanks for signing my GB dude.
Heres a cool funny picture.

Hey, welcome to the Sonic Heroes forum! It's nice to have you aboard - you seem like a really nice guy. Good luck in beating Sonic Heroes!

See you around the forums,

~ Satokasu Suki
i've been going around signing peoples guestbooks so...

and sign my guestbook...
Hey, thought I'd sign your guest book because I think you're one cool dude and...oh, merry christmas.

Happy Holidays from Blackheartedwolf!
Hey, since you've come to the MOH:RS forum you've been a great help, helping newbies with their problems See you around the forum.

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