I'm looking for one of those. Natures and such are not important, I just need a Male with Automotize for breeding purpose

Alright, I'm looking for a specific Flabébé. I know this might be a bit picky, but I'm going to willin


Alright, lets see if anybody will pay attention to this section anymore... I need the Feeding Area Treasure Map QR Code, a

Pretty much that. I'm looking for a Clefairy or Clefable for breeding purposes, and GTS won't let me have nice things

Everybody's waiting for news on Smash Bros and Pokemon. I'm just sitting here, waiting for a Shantae and the Pirate's Curse release date.

Pretty much that. Male preferred, but that shouldn't be difficult, given the 8/1 Male/Female Ratio of the species. Bel

Running myself ragged...

Preferably female. Nothing special, I just need it for breeding, and, once again, GTS provides me with nothing. In my sig

Preferably female. Nothing special, I just need it for breeding, and GTS won't let me have nice things. In my signatu

What I need is simple. I need somebody to get a Male Smeargle, then battle me with it, have it Sketch some moves, and then


I'm mostly here to help other people breed the Pokemon they want by giving them what they need! Having often been in the

I /REALLY/ don't trust people who have terrible grammar...
How nice it is to know that nobody has the Snorunt I'm looking for...
How nice to know that nobody seems to have the Pokémon I'm looking for...
Binders full of Tentacles
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