Just one ability capsule. Check out my old shop thread. I'm willing to breed off up to two Pokemon from there in exch

I wish more people had bought the 3DS Pokedex Pro... It would mean far less cringe-inducing Pokemon name mispronunciations...

Jolly, if possible. Take a look through my shop thread, see if there's anything you want there. I'll breed up to

Looking for those. Take a look at my shop thread. I'll breed up to two Pokemon from my shop in exchange for each Pokem

Looking for one of each of those items. Look at my shop thread. I'll breed you one Pokemon per item you give me in exc

Just need a Fire Stone. Go through my shop thread. I'll breed off one Pokemon from it in exchange. (No Legendary Poke

Just need an ability capsule. Check my shop thread, and I'll breed up to two Pokemon off of there in exchange for it.

Looking for these two, bred from the event Samurott and Emboar that have been released in Japan. I do NOT want: -The Even

Just one. Willing to breed and trade up to three Pokemon from my Shop Thread for one. (link in signature; legendary Pokemon e

http://i.gyazo.com/8838adc3eb035372823eaf42cd18da01.png http://i.gyazo.com/f1e67d05f675a8899cda7fbca70c6736.png So basi

Just that. Preferably Adamant nature. Willing to breed and trade up to three Pokemon from my Shop thread below in exchang

I was told by somebody that they lost all of the Pokemon they had in their Bank, and that it happened after they downloaded t

I'm looking for one of those. Natures and such are not important, I just need a Male with Automotize for breeding purpose

Alright, I'm looking for a specific Flabébé. I know this might be a bit picky, but I'm going to willin


Alright, lets see if anybody will pay attention to this section anymore... I need the Feeding Area Treasure Map QR Code, a

Pretty much that. I'm looking for a Clefairy or Clefable for breeding purposes, and GTS won't let me have nice things

Everybody's waiting for news on Smash Bros and Pokemon. I'm just sitting here, waiting for a Shantae and the Pirate's Curse release date.

Pretty much that. Male preferred, but that shouldn't be difficult, given the 8/1 Male/Female Ratio of the species. Bel

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