SilverTheFox's achievements in Worms Crazy Golf
Damage 3 bats with one shot.
Kill 4 Greenskeeper Worms on one level.
Overdrive a shot.
Complete a hole.
Get a hole in one.
Putt in from the green.
Complete a hole within the par score or better.
Get the mole to steal the ball.
Use spin control whilst the ball is in-flight
Collect 5 crates.
Destroy 3 mines with one shot.
Achieve all the objectives on one hole.
Get the old woman to strike the ball.
Damage 3 sheep with one shot.
Complete a challenge.
Purchase an item from the customisation menu.
Complete the Britannia Course.
Collect 20 coins on one hole.
Complete a hot-seat multiplayer game.
Complete the Pirate Cavern Course.
Use any one of the cannon, teleporter or cable car type interactive objects.
Get a Birdie.
Get an Eagle.
Achieve a skill score objective on one of the holes.
Destroy 3 TNT barrels with one shot.
Complete all the challenges.
Complete the Graveyard Course.
Get an Albatross.
Complete every objective on every hole.