This here is my 5th Neoseeker account to date. I've been on and off the past few months, but I'm finally sticking to Neoseeker for good here. Seems like not much has changed, just a few new cool add ons to the site that seem pretty cool. I've been a member since September of 2002. I hated my old accounts, and I thought this one would be different as well. I guess I missed the simplicity of this place and all the people here.

Many of you have asked and wondered...
"Why did you leave in the first place?" "What have you been doing these past months?"

I left because of all the stress I was under. Not only that, I was just fed up with the site. 2 days before my birthday I remembered all those Summer Nights on Neoseeker and all the cool friends I've made all over the world. I missed the simplicity of this site and all the cool little things that made me love this place.

"what have you been doing outside of Neoseeker?"
Well, I've been trying to work pretty hard in school and also trying to become something and better myself in things I do. I love doing artwork and things of that sort. Other than that, I really havn't been up to much.


Anime, Manga, Reading, Eatin, Sleepin, Workin out, Being with my girlfriend all the time, I love her to death by the way. I love the internet and everything about Technology.

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