Cute, but Apple's gonna win the suit, that's a certainty. read more

Have a guy member of the neoseeker staff write an article about guy gamers. I want a sunday special too!

Also, no... read more

I don't see the point of this, but whatever, some people will like stuff it. I just hope it dosn't turn as gay as... read more


I'm catholic and I don't care. I laughed a bit. I wonder if the guy is going to start on other religous books? It'd... read more

Here's a youtube version of the trailer you originally posted:
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The video isn't loading correctly for me. read more

Have you guys heard about those Reigme guys retailaiting against anon? They closed partyvan, 711chan, and the blog.... read more

Looks they were just too lazy to make different gun models to me read more

Its not that hes christian that makes him a dipshit, he's just a dipshit because he was born that way.

After all, I'm... read more

I <3 Microsoft, but not Halo. I hope microsoft took a big chunk out of the profits. Maybe with the profits they... read more

Holy shit, that's a really really good deal, those are some scrumptious balls of steel! read more