Just a guestbook signing (since I haven't done one in agesssss) to say that Speehs loves you and the crew, even though you do laugh at my accent. B|
What the title says.
Wow, come to think it's been almost 2 years since I lasted signed your gb. Plus I haven't seen you in over a year. Well, wanted to sign and say, thanks for being my friend, and coming back Guess I'll stamp now, and guess I'll use my first one. Let's see if I can find it...

Ya! I found it! To lazy to make a new one. Anyway, talk to you later!
Merry Christmas SS

I hope you got good presents

I'll talk to you soon, i love reading your pms

Do you seriously have all of those systems.You are possible jocking but what ever.And I never knew you posted that much.But any way TOOTLES!
I like how your clan is based on legendary pkmn. Thanks for allying ??? with my clan(only four members but it's coming along) and being neo friends with me.
all this you already knew(I think...).
Oh, one more thing:
Signing because you're making an effort to start using proper spelling and grammar. Hooray! :D

You've been pretty nice in the past,

And I hope to know you better in the future!


Sorry if I stamped twice!
hey this is kenshinrocks hope we can be friends
I got some new stamps for your collection SS!

Hope you like them!
Helped your kabuto and now you, so here's a stamp for the collection!

Just thanks for being nice to everyone and being here on Neoseeker!
You're a true person!
Here, you got stamped!

A.K.A. Sparky
Just wanted to be the first to sighn your gb i allwaz sighn friends gb well seeya round neoseeker