Well, it looks like I'm part of the Tufts University Class of 2019 now... that's so weird to say. :o
I put a TON of work into editing this episode, so id really appreciate it if you guys could at least leave a like! :) http://bit.ly/1FYMuOT
I love this game so much http://bit.ly/1EAVmhr
I visit the trading forum for the first time in awhile and all I see is shit flying everywhere. That's always nice to come back to. :)
Hey guys, go check out my new LP! I've been waiting to do this one for a long time! :)
New collab channel = new LP! Here's Pokemon Glazed! :)
I made a new collab channel with a bunch of friends! Please go check it out and subscribe! :)

Whats up everybody and welcome to the channel! We are 4 guys determined to be the best, like no-one ever was so we created the battle frontier, Here we will ...

So happy to have a Shulk amiibo in my possession. :D
Happy Birthday!
Please leave a like! Shameless self-advertising. :)
I'm gonna annoy you guys some more PLS LIKE MY VIDEO
I'm probably getting annoying with this but Episode 17 is out!
There were problems with the last video, so let's try this again! PLEASE SUPPORT ME, FRIENDS.
Round of three subject tests tomorrow, followed by three college interviews this weekend. Hella stressed out, friends. :(

I'm probably in no place to be posting a thread like this after my long absence, but I'll do it anyway. As some of

Merry Christmas to all of my Neo friends! I know I haven't been on in a while but I hope you all have a great day and get great presents. :)


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