May 10, 15 10:19am
I just realized I missed my 8 year neo anniversary... damn :(
Apr 22, 15 5:40pm
Well, it looks like I'm part of the Tufts University Class of 2019 now... that's so weird to say. :o
Apr 19, 15 9:45pm
I put a TON of work into editing this episode, so id really appreciate it if you guys could at least leave a like! :)
Apr 14, 15 3:07pm
I love this game so much
Apr 12, 15 12:37pm
I visit the trading forum for the first time in awhile and all I see is shit flying everywhere. That's always nice to come back to. :)
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Apr 02, 15 9:11pm
Hey guys, go check out my new LP! I've been waiting to do this one for a long time! :)
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Mar 17, 15 9:16pm
New collab channel = new LP! Here's Pokemon Glazed! :)
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Mar 16, 15 8:13pm
I made a new collab channel with a bunch of friends! Please go check it out and subscribe! :)

Whats up everybody and welcome to the channel! We are 4 guys determined to be the best, like no-one ever was so we created the battle frontier, Here we will ...

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Mar 07, 15 11:34pm
Mar 06, 15 3:51pm
So happy to have a Shulk amiibo in my possession. :D
Vast Sigma
Mar 04, 15 8:57am
Happy Birthday!
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Mar 02, 15 6:51pm
Please leave a like! Shameless self-advertising. :)
Rayce Sigma
Mar 01, 15 2:50am
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Feb 24, 15 10:24pm
I'm gonna annoy you guys some more PLS LIKE MY VIDEO
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Feb 21, 15 2:37pm
I'm probably getting annoying with this but Episode 17 is out!
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Feb 18, 15 6:08pm
There were problems with the last video, so let's try this again! PLEASE SUPPORT ME, FRIENDS.
Feb 06, 15 11:49pm
Round of three subject tests tomorrow, followed by three college interviews this weekend. Hella stressed out, friends. :(
Sigma shared a forum thread
Jan 04, 15 9:34pm

I'm probably in no place to be posting a thread like this after my long absence, but I'll do it anyway. As some of


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