When I've not touched the controller for a while my xbox shuts down. If I have FIFA15 running when it shuts down, then I

In this thread you can post amazing long shots, incredible bicycle kicks or just stupid own goals. Whatever goal you want to

How do you turn handballs on? I have the setting called *handball* set to ON, I've seen alot of players touching the bal

Post ugly or funny looking regens you've found. I will as soon as I have the game, will buy it after Christmas.

This must be the best staff members I've ever had in one team. Director of Football Les Kershaw - http://postimg.org/

I want people to recommend the following: Complete Forward - Support Deep Lying Forward - Support and Attack Defensive For

10 games into Premier League first season and it's not looking bright for them, Leicester might want to break the Derby r

He must've been paying the ref for this to happen :laugh: http://s28.postimg.org/y5i54zonh/Chelsea_v_Arsenal_Overview_

http://i.gyazo.com/4ed0c3854c000dc682126829962c9641.png It's a sad day in Swedish football. Brommapojkarna Pontus S

What if your thoughts on the most effective way of winning games and playing good fluid football? I find it very hard on the

I know it's early days but what would be your dream team if you had to pick one already? I've only played the demo

I'm quite desperate for a DLF atm, doesn't matter if he's support or attack, please come with some suggestions.

Which is your favorite FIFA intro of all time and why? Mine has to be 2002 where it changes kits all the time, it just loo

It almost seems like I've paid the referee and their centre back to do well for me. What's the most amount of penalt

When I try to start fm it says the steam servers are too busy atm, how do I start fm?

I'm trying to buy a player and I want to loan him back to the club I'm buying him from for the rest of the season, bu

Who should I sign to play as a CF? Lukaku £27.5m or Bony £30m?

When I play fm, sometimes it say FM stopped working and then it shut down. How can I fix this? It ruined my 2026 save with

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