When I try to start fm it says the steam servers are too busy atm, how do I start fm?

I'm trying to buy a player and I want to loan him back to the club I'm buying him from for the rest of the season, bu

Who should I sign to play as a CF? Lukaku £27.5m or Bony £30m?

When I play fm, sometimes it say FM stopped working and then it shut down. How can I fix this? It ruined my 2026 save with

I'm now into my 5th month with transfer embargo because my board and the buyer can't make up their minds. Is there a

Have anyone got any good tips on how to find good regens? I know sending my scouts to Brazil,Italy,Spain etc etc could get m

This will not be like a normal soms where I write it like a story like everyone else, this will be more about me posting abou

I'm trying to find a database where all nations get better regens, but so far nothing. Does anybody know of one?

Who should I sign as backup for De Gea? http://s1.postimg.org/6mx71kwhr/Antonio_Garrido_Overview_Profile.png http://s1.post

Is there a way I can get teams to make loan offers for my player? I've offered him out for loan a couple of times but no

I've just looked through a couple of teams and what managers,coaches etc etc they have, and came across these. Post abou

Tell me about games you've dominated but not managed to win, it seems like there's so much of this bullshit on FM14 s

IT'S *bleep*ING IMPOSSIBLE TO KEEP A CLEAN SHEET WHEN THE CLOCK SHOWS 45MINS!!! :# Almost every single game on world cla

I have players worth £20m, £13m, £25m etc but yet when I offer them out for those prices no one bids. I&am

I want to be able to WATCH all the games in the tournament I've created, but it says I must play as the team I've cho

What players are typical 'false nine' players? Could you give me a list of about 10?

I want the players to be updated in the squads in the main menu just like they are when I start a career mode, how do I get t

This happened in the World Cup 2014 on my Eastleigh save, shocking to say the least! What's the weirdest thing that happ

I couldn't find a thread about LLM, so I decided to start one for us to talk about our careers in. I've just start

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