MegaGamer4321 Siba 23
Jun 05, 07 8:32am
Hi Siba 23, I'm kinda new here and I mostly browse the phantom crash forum. I know that game is kinda old and all, but it's still a game I like a lot. Also, in the forum "favorite scobee" you said you hacked the game. I didn't know you could even do that! But isn't that illegal? (correct me if I'm wrong.)
ILT2M Siba 23
Sep 05, 06 8:06am
I'm signing peoples guestbooks and I obviously have to sign yours. STAMPED!

Sign back please,
skatcat31 Siba 23
Aug 08, 06 4:51am
Hey. i thought id sign your guestbook and say hi to ya. The first match for AREIS is coming up in a week for reg. the format is pretty simpel to use, and you might have fun with it.