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The Ten RP Commandments! (for the RP forum)

1.Thou Shalt Not Mode
2.Thou Shalt Not Spam
3.Thou Shalt Not Flame Thy Neighbor
4.Thou Shalt Not Argue With Thy Creator
5.Thou Shalt Not Post Under Three Lines
6.Thou Shalt Take Thy RP Seriously and Not Joke Around
7.Thou Shalt Keep Thy Language to a Minimum
8.Thou Shalt Not Abandon Thy RP For an Eternity After Having Joined Unless Giving Proper Notification to Thy Creator
9.Thou Shalt Follow Thy Forum Rules as Well
10.Thou Shalt (insert something here)

(Plagurism is not something that I react well ask first if you want to put these in an RP)


I like lots of stuff. Especially MDK2!


The 10 RP Commandments You'll have to scroll down.
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Review: Unreal - Unreal

Jul 12, 2003

Ah, yes...Unreal. Truly is a fun FPS, it's got loads of enemies, plenty of weapons to take them out with. And it can be difficult at times. Well the story is as simple as any other alien have to get through a whole bunch of levels and...

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