To the Neohome that is sssooo not interesting...

Special People

- All my family.
- DevilChao because he is my Grasshopper.
- Wu Kingdom because he is awesome.
- FMC (Flying Monkey Child) and SL (Soraslight) because they are just the awesomest people to RP with.
- Anyone I forgot who thinks they should be on this useless list.

About Shonic98
About me.

Username: Shonic98
Real Name: Amber
Age: 13
Favorite Color: Blue... I think. It's hard to tell anymore. I've taken a liking to many colors.
Favorite Band: Jimmy Eat World or Blink182.
Favorite Book: The Harry Potter series for now.
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, and playing the violin.

Neoseeker History: Well, Neoseeker claims I've been here since March 2004, so I will just go along with that. How did I find Neoseeker? Well, it is an amusing story.

I had just discovered the essence of the computer. I never really paid any attention to my dad who would rave on and on about the wondrous things the computer had to offer, I was too busy being obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog to care. But... one day I was on the computer. For what exactly I can't remember, but I was on the computer. I was looking up Sonic the Hedgehog, I remember that because I clicked a link that led me to the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Forum here on Neoseeker. One thread caught my attention. It was a Role-Playing thread. Now, at the time I had never been on a forum before so I had no idea this thread was in the wrong location, but I read it with pleasure. I wanted so bad to just join this forum, but I wasn't sure if I was allowed (I'm not kidding when I said I never knew the wondrous things about the computer or I should say know anything about the computer at all). I would read the thread everyday, I would look the same thing up just to get to that thread, but whatever, it was fun just to read it.

And then my mom called from work and I had to ask.

"Mom, can I join a forum called Neoseeker?" I blurted out.

My mom was oblivious to forums so I had to explain to her all I knew. By this time I knew the rules and what it was pretty much. She gave me permission to go on! But the registering part was hard for me. I couldn't get an account due to me putting in fake E-Mails (you see, I didn't quite understand the question 'E-Mail' I thought they wanted me to make one up). I was sour the whole night as I tried and tried. I had put in so many names. Sonic, Shadow, Shonic, Super Shonic, Shonic92, and finally Shonic98. Eventually I complained and begged to my father who eventaully told my older sister to help me. She did!And I was on Neoseeker!

I was as n00b as n00b gets. I knew nothing. It was all very confusing. I had fun, but I had no idea about this banner buisness and how to reply. I didn't even know how to view new post. I would stare at the screen hoping a new reply would pop up, but this never happened. My sister advised me to refresh the page every so often. And oh my God, it worked! I learned how to put in a banner (after 4 pages of explaination) and such. But as a n00b I got in trouble fast. For SPAM. It was a thread about what we would do with the 7 seven chaos emeralds and it had to be a week or two after I joined. A member made the clan up and we would spam about this and that and have fun, I thought this was cool and fun (I WAS A N00B, OKAY?!). When I got a PM from a moderator saying I was banned for three or five days, I was scared and shocked. Would you believe it? I thought this was the worst thing anyone could do. Getting banned. It scared me so much I didn't tell my family, if someone mentioned Neoseeker I changed the subject, I was scared for those 3 or 5 days I was banned.

Once the ban was lifted I figured out there were a lot more forums than just Sonic Adventure 2: Battle! And then I became a real member than just a stupid n00b! And that is how I got where I am today! Yay!

These are forums that are here on Neoseeker that I suggest you go to, their quite interesting or just forums I visit sometimes.

Feature Role-Playing Forum
My favorite forum of all! If you like writing I suggest you visit here! It's just fun and something I believe anyone can enjoy and also learn at the same time! When I first stumbled upon this forum (I can't remember how now) I was a n00b at Role-Playing. Come join the fun!
Role-Playing Forum
This is like the Feature Role-Playing Forum except everything here is based on pure imagination! That's why I love it so much! It really is a great forum and I suggest people to at least view the RPs and read around a bit!
Art Central
No, don't bother looking, I have no threads here! I would never show my crappy art work here, it would be too shameful. Why do I suggest you people look at it then? Well, I love to go here and just browse around, looking at others work, maybe picking up a few tips to work on my own art skills (if I have any).
Writer's Lounge
I love to write so I love this place! Anyone who enjoys writing or reading should come here, there really is wonderful work here. The people are nice and it's a great place to get a few writing tips.
Kingdom Hearts II Forum
A great place if you love Kingdom Hearts. With Kingdom Hearts 2 out this would be an ideal place for Kingdom Hearts fans! It's a fun place where everyone gets along! I don't visit it too much, but it surely is a great place.
Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Forum
This was the first forum I ever came to (seeing as I am a Sonic the Hedgehog fan)!

All the special people on Neoseeker! They are in ABC order!

ammad was a friend that I can't remember how I met, but he's a really good friend I know that.
Great guy. Really. He's VERY nice and willing to help you if you really need it. He also made something for me that was really sweet, I wish I had saved it on the computer though.
We RPed together a lot and we used to get on MSN and chat with ITANI, it was fun because we played games and stuff, quite fun. But now we don't talk at all, but she is a nice girl all the same.
I think we were talking about something and then I asked if he wanted to be my NeoFriend, he said yes, so there is the story behind this member. He's nice and really cares about others.
She really is a great person in all aspects of course. Not only is she nice, but she also excels in poetry and art, you should really go see it.
HE IS MY GRASSHOPPER! My own Grasshopper! If you DARE steal my grasshopper I shall kill you and I am serious! Other than him being my grasshopper, he is super smart and cool. A VERY nice person, you should really meet him!
Eh, he is my NeoFriend. 'Nuff said.
She was a judge for one of my battles before I quit the NeoDuelist League. I don't talk to her, but I do know she is a cool person!
We RPed together in some RP I forgot most of the name of, but anyway, people were bashing him for his spelling problem and I supported him understanding it was something he couldn't change. We became friends after that. Anyway, he's really nice!
Fire Dragon28
Gosh, this person I really knew in real life. She was my best friend. Though, I moved right when her mother passed away and we haven't spoken to each other since. I always remember the fun we had.
flying monkey child
A seriously funny person and someone who is awesome to RP with, so, in other words this is a funny, creative, fun person I happen to RP with a lot.
Harvest Moon girl
Awesome person. She's cool and funny and... awesome. She was also the first person to sign my guestbook! You rock Harvest Moon girl!
This makes me feel so bad that I forgot how we met (which I will assume he asked me to be his NeoFriend or I asked him). Well, I haven't really spoken to him in a long time, but I know he's a cool person.