Hey girl Its BEEN a long time! Hope to talk to you soon! bye!

jesus christ I remember this lengthy thingy, I hate that *bleep*ing thing...why can't I just say the amount I want? jesus!
Hey I got a stamp. Here it is,

Hope you like it,

You've been signed by,
King Mickey's the coolest =O yah havn't talked to you in a while. I would give you a stamp, but the quality on all the stamps just blew up so I'm having to get new ones
I do remember you,good times eh?

Please,have this stamp ^^

~Your pal,Lizzo
Been a while since I've talked with you, man, time sure flies... well, hope I see you around.

Until next time...

I dont think Ive stamped you yet so here you go. Merry christmas and new years.

(note: probably not in the right order)
Long time no see buddy!Merry Christmas!

~Old buddy,Lizzo.
I get to sign your Guestbook.

I guess you can sign back... if you can.
thanks for the comment! that was the first time anyone commited an of my works. wow! thanks alot!!!! I'll try to update more often, even if it's for one person.
Thought you would like to see my new stamp'sted.

heres my new stamp....resign mine when you get your stamp...
Hey you signed my guest book so i'll sign yours! cool name also, should be sonic though..lol, as in KH...hope to see you round the kingdom Hearts forum!...later
Thanks for signing my GB! Do you wan't to be neofriends? I hope to see you around the SA:2B Forums! See ya there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally have a stamp......

- Somebody you might know
Remember me? I think you might not. Well, here's a stamp I made to stamp people with.

Enjoy and stamp back!
Heysa Happy Easterxorz!
U've been signed by
Well just staming to wish you a happy Easter!

This is my new stamp.Pwns right?lol
Here ya go...
Hey! Since we're in the same RP and all (which is going very well ) I just thought I'd sign. You have the same interests as me, too, so I couldn't help but sign. Well, sign back if you get the chance, and maybe I'll talk to you later!

Hello again, Shonic! I've been talking with you a lot lately, and I recently got a new stamp, so I thought I'd sign again.

See you around
Hey Shonic! Saw you at the Writer's Lounge forum and I'd thought that signing your guestbook would be an intelligent thing to do. I don't know why but I know that it needs to be done.
Im sighning to all my Neofriends.Sorry I was gone from Neo so long.

A Super stamp will make you forget all about it

Where are you?
I miss you...

Wow! I haven't signed this since March 24th
So here's a signing

Maybe we can talk on MSN sometime
Good too see you are back! Just wanted too say happy new year too ya! Bye!


Stupid lenth thingy.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!