Am I the only one who's tired of getting played on the GTS? I've been on the search for a six IV (or five IV) Ditto a

Can someone please assist me in evolving my Porygon2 into a Porygon-Z? It already has a Dubious Disc attached. I just need so

Hello guys! I have never really had an interest in Mega Evolutions; consequently, I have never seen much need for the Mega St

Doo-doo doo-doo doo doo doo ♪

Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone who lives in the regions where you can obtain an Icy Snow Vivillon would consider tradi

Since I am getting more involved with competitive battling, I am about to breed an entirely new Sneasel. The only question is

I'm not taking anymore X & Y FC right now because I'm near my 100 person limit.
The story of my life.
is online in Pokemon X.

Hi everyone! I was thinking about making a team made entirely of bears (or bear-like animals since Pandas don't know if t

I really want a MegaMewtwo Y but I have Pokemon X and they only give us Mewtwonite X. I want to make a simple swap of Mewtwon

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