This has to be one of the best fighter series of all time. Making your own fighter is awesome. Wish you could make your own move set! SoulCalibur4 X360
Beat this, got all chaos. Nice way of adding to the Sonic story. Just when are they making the sequel! Will they make one? SonicChroniclesTheDarkBrotherhood DS
Beat this on the 64. Beat the regular quest on the 3DS. Now for the Master Quest... Worth replaying. Shows the 3DS's main feature very well. TheLegendOfZeldaLinksAwakeningDX 3DS
My first Bioware game. Looking for there games ever since. This is worth getting for any RPG fan. Epic as a game alone. MassEffect PC
Got all achievements, but am still playing some of the games on this collection of classics. I still like old school games. SonicsUltimateGenesisCollection X360
It may only be a small addition to the story, but it is one well crafted bonus. And also a bit easier than the first part. DragonAgeOriginsAwakening PC
An epic. This took the midevil fantasy genre and gave it bioware's personal twist. Excellent. DragonAgeOrigins PC
This game improved on some of the elements of the first game. The first is still better in my opinion. Still an excellent game. DragonAge2 PC
Wondered how they would improve on an epic. Now this is the epic. Wondering what I will find. TheElderScrolls5Skyrim PC
Takes oblivion and adds one crazy world. Have this as part of the Game of the year addition. All achievements. Still parts undiscovered... TheElderScrolls4TheShiveringIsles PC
A classic. I say I have mastered it for getting all achievements. Still cannot say I have done everything possible. That would be crazy... TheElderScrolls4Oblivion PC
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