2 new mega evolutions have shown up on the internet, and sources say they're from a rough draft of the next corocoro whic

https://31.media.tumblr.com/7d0b3a898596f82bf6d6f045540df104/tumblr_n67muwOBm41rnwaw3o1_400.png _MEGA EVOLUTION CONFIRMED

haven't really had spriting time, grumblr grumble :(
so my current avatar is probably both the classiest and most accurate portrayal of myself
can't think of a good space creature and i'm terrible at making people, time for making an animal couple!
i got switched to ritalin, lol, i need more time before i come back. oops
i now take adderall, so my grades will be good and i'll be back in no time! its exciting?!?!
lol, i have ADD, so i'ma be ungrounded and back here once i get my meds. hurray?
jk, mr hanson is out to get me. i'll be ungrounded when the semester ends
ungrounded? i think so. i'll be all the way back after the holidays :)
fml, still grounded :( plan to be back in the full swing of neo by january....

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