Slepten Shisui
Mar 05, 09 3:09am
It is really sad the way all of our guestbook entries have to be about Brawl.

Very sad.

So here is a proper "hello good friend" from a friendly ghost.

Kenshuma Shisui
Feb 06, 09 8:46pm
This is how fast your Fox moves now

SonicFire Shisui
Sep 15, 08 5:40am
I can do em` better, I'm pro.

Hillo Sushi, I see you've forgotten I have in my grasp, your favorite pik, you can have it back:

Also, help Falco with his rabial suicidal issues:

I know, he just loves sharp tips.-_-

Anyways, feel free to sign back whenever you can.

Ragnell Shisui
Jun 15, 08 6:14pm

here is the stamp of ownage.

you've earned it.
stabbedbyahippie Shisui
Jun 05, 08 7:43am
I can't believe no one has signed your guest book shisui

Well as a thanks for all the fox tips you love to give me, here is a stamp from moi