Ok so the only thing i like more than playing fite games is Basketball. I've recently stopped though cuz... well... brawl came out lol, but i still play for at least an hour a day. I seldom read books but the most recent one i've read is 1984 by george orwell, its the only book that kept my attention, its pretty interesting. i like any song that at least sounds good w/o the words. if the words are bad but good BGM i'll just get the instramental version but i usaully listen to hip hop, rap isn't what it used to be, but the beats are still ok. and as for type of games, i love fite games. i play them much longer than an rpg game. the only adventure game i'll play are metriod prime, zelda, kingdom hearts and all final fantasy games. I also try to help out anyone who needs it, i have this mentality of taking care of others b4 myself, so if your friends with me just know I won't let anyone insult you in anyway shape, form or fashion.


Ren(Renux): well it sad to say but she isn't on neo anymore, but she occasionally vists though. She is my CNF(closest neo friend) as well as my official partner for team battles. I have never had nor will i find a better partner than her. She's also a very interesting and funny person to talk too. i think i have over 1000 PMs and 80%+ are from her(damn double PMs she sent me ^_^ lol). She has been through some strange situations while being on neo though lol, but i don't regret being around her when they happened ^_^. I'll always have her back know matter what. For someone ive never met i seem to care about her lotz lol.

Ken: Kenshuma haz taught me alot more than he wants to take credit for, he hates when ppl blame him for their success but he'll have to deal wit it lol. everytime someone tells me something like "wow great fox" i think to myself, "wow thanx ken". lotz of ppl get in to it wit him, and some thinks he's evil lol, but i guess its because the only time ppl talk to him its a debate, if they actually talked to him more, other than debates they'd see differently ^_^.

Ellio: I hate ur G&W end of story... yeah thats right i gave u only two sentences. Rivals aren't supposed to be nice to each other, muahahahahaha

incongruous: this guy seems to be able to predict when im going to post and when im going to be online lol, but his lucario is a beast and is very knowledgeable bout his own character, if u have any questions pls see him lol

wiselugia: ppl say he is arrogant and harsh at times, but who isn't, i find his post very funny and he is GOD wit IC's though his PT is starting to be Godly as well, hopefully i can fight him one day im very little lag so i too can feel the pwnage that is wiselugia

Nilah:I miss her, though she will be back soon, she is my fav person to brawl, and i'll write more about her when she returns

Defualt951:His pikachu rapes and his graphics are godly, after brawln him i wanted to main pikachu as well lol

Slepten: well like i predicted he too has become one of my better friends, our fights are very interesting and hopefully i can get some of them online, sephiroth will be able to help their. right now he is the second best wolf on Gfaqs and will soon be #1, that will mean he haz the best wolf on two sites lol. i would close this section wit a scar related pun but... it seems... he isn't a fan of it as he used too be ;(

Rust: His birthday is on the 17th of july so everyone who see's this be sure to remember it, he used to the organizer of bov but he's done wit crews atm, though i will force him to come back >=) lol.

Xeris Kurasagi- this is my bro, currently he's nilah apprentice but also reiceves much advice and train'n from me as well. he's an ok brawler atm but, he won't give up till he beats every last person in bov. he seems to do surprisingly well if i coach him through a fite, now if he could just remember my coaching instead of me bieng there, he'll be much better.

Sonicfire- Very funny person and his connection is much better, so now everyone can see that it wasn't lag that was killing u, it was the TL and Diddy lol, he haz come along way and i wouldn't know who to say who haz improved more him or I???

PZ- the greatest ninja in the world, also when he posts its the funniest thing ive ever read lol, here's his latest post that all most killed me
[quote][quote=P Z|message:20876719]I see you must have met a ninja before shisui. Im glad to see that you are still alive.

But if you REALLY did see a ninja. That will soon change.

But let me tell you all some facts about ninjas

- Ninjas can divide by zero
- Ninjas dont play or watch sports. Unless killing is considred a sport.
- Ninjas dont walk the ground moves for them
- when ninjas do pushups, they dont push themselves up, they push the world down
- when it rains ninjas dont wet wet, the rain gets ninja
- what ever ninjas touch turns to gold
- Ninjas do not sleep, they wait.
- Ninjas tears cure cancer, too bad they never cry
- Ninjas can only be killed by other ninjas.
- Ninjas donate alot of blood to the red cross, just not there own..
- Ninjas make onions cry
- Ninjas are allowed to talk about fight club
- Ninjas gave cats nine lives so they could kill them more.
- Ninjas dont dodge things. The world moves to the side so that ninjas wont get hurt.
- Ninjas iron there shirts while wearing them
- Ninjas can predict the songs on their ipod shuffle
- Ninjas put pants on 2 legs at a time
- Ninjas play minesweeper with real mines
- Ninjas taught kool aid man how to break though walls
- Ninjas created the wheel. Twice.
- A ninja once recieved a hollywood star, he made the handprint when the cement was dry.
- In an average living room there are 1,242 objects ninjas could use to kill you, including the room itself.

I could tell you more. But if I did I would have to end you. And I like you guyz. So I wont.

LMAO!!!!! PZ I ONLY READ THE FIRST THREE FACTS CUZ IF I KEPT GOING I WOULD DIE OF LAUGHTER, im going to read three facts per day each day until i am done, for if i read nore than 3 i will seriously die of laughter



*falls out chair, lying on the floor lhao*

u have got to be the funniest person i kno atm PZ[/quote][/quote]

Mastahazuki- currently the leader of bov, he is very good at reading and predicting ppl in brawl, he haz owned me more times than i can count, i also consider him to be a pro brawler. he haz yet to give me some advice about my fox, but i will soon force it out of him... so far though... i don't see why him and ken don't get along though... both of them are cool to me

Sephiroth25: finally joined back up wit bov and is now are video guy, from what ive seen his falcon is a beast end of story, he have also had some really good team matches(still not gonna replace Renux, but ur still a hell of a partner). he likes to spectate lotz of matches and i think im going to start doing that as well, i hear it helps to better read ppl and predict their moves... but so far im glad he's joined bov

TDL: the leader of DOT and I think im making him my official team partner, he seems to think that he is only decent, but come on... U OWNED ELLIO LMAO. well i can't talk seeing as how he beat my falco too, TDL U HAVE POTENTIAL u just need someone to guide u in the right direction


Interests... hmmmm, i guess thats were all that stuff in my biography goes. well, i like being being carefree, and not bein serious all the time. i also have fun inventing abbreveations that aren't real, such as somethn, bore'd, gett'n, some1, etc.
I'm 18yrs old but, you'll never tell unless im pissed or im have'n a serious conversation wit u. i can be quite stupid at times, and im only smart when i need to be.

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