http://i.neos * Mega Gallade will rem

Pokken Tournament... Currently Japan arcade only release 2015... Hopefully to Wii U worldwide by late 2015? PleaseHavePinsir

The Pokémon Company president Ishihara Tsunekazu today hosted a live stream in which a shocking announcement was promised, and was delivered in 'Pokken Tournament', an arcade fighting game set to be released in 2015. The game is being developed in co...

A Korean is world champion using a Pachirisu? I must be bad at Pokemon... AnAussieMadeTop8Though

Leaderboards Forums Help! Sign up to add an article What was your prefered Contest to compete in back in R/S/E?!

_The Pokémon OR/AS Header & Footer Contest!_

"I thought peck was dark" - Aurigae 2014

Hit a 5 man black hole, get a awesome rampage, end a game with 30 kills 0 deaths or win a hour long come from behind victory

I don't think I've seen these posted anywhere here yet: https:/

When you get OR or AS... or both... Will you keep the cartridge pure without trading anything over to your new game(s) from X

Exams = Finished! Now I can watch Wimbledon and play video-games with no guilt. :) So people are speculating that the Magma/Aqua leaders are possibly going to be getting

Get Hype.

It's time for the fifth and final E3 2014 press conference! Nintendo will take the spotlight in just a few minutes time to share their E3 2014 Nintendo Direct, which will be followed by the event's show floor opening to press and industry profession....

With the recent CoroCoro leaks I've noticed that finally a whole heap of fan-art is showing up around the internet, and s

CoroCoro magazine early leaks reveal a ton of exciting new Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Saphire revelations. First and foremost, we're getting our first great look at several of the Mega Evolutions that will be a part of the game, including..... ---- With Mega Diancie revealed among all this OR/AS news it does seem it will have a co

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