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Jan 12, 09 6:40am

Kk, so I was thinking about playing an MMORPG after a friend of mine used to talk to me about them and how he enjoyed playing them. He's a pretty decent, honest guy, and has good taste in most games, so I thought to myself 'Hey, why not?' And set out to look at several different games, to decide ultimately, which one I should buy.

I eventually, after looking through a few online games, decided to purchase a copy of Guild Wars, as opposed to various other games, this had no subscription fees (yes, I'm cheap like that), and my friend also played it and was a big fan of it, and convinced me to buy it. I then searched through the internet and managed to buy the complete collection off Amazon for £25 (a pretty good price).

After a week, it was finally here, on Christmas Eve. Excited, I rushed straight to my computer to play it, to find it didn't work properly, because my computer was so old and crap it didn't support it, so yeah, I was pretty heartbroken. Anyway, the moral of this story is to check the requirements and shiz before you buy a game. Or in my case to get a better computer. My one's ten years old with an 18GB hard drive, so I desperately need a new one. I might be getting a new laptop soon, so when it's confirmed, I'll be pretty excited.



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