I was raised alone, treated coldly my whole life, I learned to fight for myself and to use anger as a weapon with control, I dont care what others think of me, and I rarely trust anyone. I am usually training in the ranch with my friend with swords, battle ax's, broad-swords, throwing stars, and knives, I also practice archery, re-curve and composite, Though I hate hunting more than anything in the world. my only friends were animals, and I would [i]gladly[/i] save an animal's life than a human's.

I have the lowest patience bar possible, and the smallest temper, though whenever I am made fun of, flammed, cursed, I ignore and keep a cool mind, saving anger to strike.
But I rarely release anger unless I am furious.


I love to read, mostly action magical.
I am currently reading:

The Ranger's Apprentice Book: 4
The Dragon Codex: Silver Codex
Lord of The Rings

I love dragons.


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