Shin Ra shared a forum thread
Nov 17, 15 10:52pm

I've decided to make a thread in which we could share any help we might be able to give to others regarding the various e

Shin Ra shared a link from
Nov 12, 15 8:55pm
Banner Saga board game kickstarter yo

MERCS Miniatures is raising funds for The Banner Saga Warbands on Kickstarter! A cooperative, miniatures board game that deals with the difficulties and consequences of decision making.

Shin Ra
Nov 11, 15 3:47pm
I've just picked up my mandolin for the first time in several months and now I can't feel my fingertips
Shin Ra shared a forum thread
Oct 28, 15 1:04pm

I have a spare Hoopa I'm looking to trade for another event legendary like Genesect, Arceus, Keldeo etc. Anyone wanna

Shin Ra
Oct 21, 15 4:55pm
All hail Klopp: The normal one
Chimaira Shin Ra
Oct 20, 15 4:52pm
Less Pokemon please.
Shin Ra
Oct 19, 15 10:25am
Omg I can't beat Siebold's Gyarados, too stronk :(
Shin Ra shared a forum thread
Oct 17, 15 9:20pm

Can anyone please help me identify these keychain swords from Final Fantasy games? I've been scouring the internet but I

Shin Ra
Oct 16, 15 12:58pm
I caught Yveltal ^_^
Shin Ra
Oct 12, 15 11:23pm
So many games, so little time...
Shin Ra
Oct 08, 15 1:20pm
I have Pokemon Y now!
Shin Ra
Oct 06, 15 3:44pm
I have a 3DS now, who will be my nintenfriend?
Shin Ra
Oct 01, 15 6:06pm
(•́ ω •̀ )
Shin Ra shared a forum thread
Sep 21, 15 7:09pm

_Hello and welcome to the Gaming Lounge's Retro Gaming Club!_

Shin Ra
Sep 20, 15 11:50am
New Retro Game of the week is up ladies and gents, check it out!
Shin Ra
Sep 17, 15 1:52pm
Suu a besto
Shin Ra
Sep 15, 15 8:27am
Margaery's face in the telltale GoT game tho ;/
Shin Ra
Sep 13, 15 4:28pm
Just preordered PES 2016, don't make me regret this Konami!
Shin Ra
Sep 10, 15 3:25pm
Pokemon Go advert was cooooool
Shin Ra
Sep 06, 15 1:42pm
New game of the week is up everyone! It's Nightmare Creatures!!!

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