Today in work one of the guys merrily strode in to the canteen (dunno what Americans call it, the recess laboratory?) and go

Nearly completed Apotheon now, it's been a great game for free even if it does crash far too much
Just preordered Dead or Alive 5 for PS4 because I like the uh.. Hehe... The physics ;]
Anyone want an invite to buy a Oneplus One? It's invite only and I have 1, must have £270 and paypal ready to pay immediately!
Finally got my new phone and it's amazeballs but I don't have a micro sim! :

Anyone got any cars they particularly like or dislike in this game? I find a lot of the understeer and wheelspin like crazy b

I've made a club for Neoseeker on Driveclub. The logo and colour scheme is kind of neo-related and looks good enough, may

So this weekend is the event in Las Vegas which is a

There's been a lot of talk recently about a slew of games being released with terrible bugs and glitches, seemingly way b

Actually I don't want an N-Gage, it's old and poop
I've asked Santa for a Nokia Ngage QD this christmas, the ultimate handheld gaming device that is also a phone! Don't laugh

Last night I was playing GTA V on my PS4 while watching a WCW Nitro episode from October 1996 on my laptop, just chilling out

Hope I don't poop my pants playing Alien Isolation today

So the dual shock 4 pad has motion sensor technology which you've probably not had many opportunities to use in games but

I know the launch was botched badly and Evolution haven't covered themselves in glory with the handling of it but it'

Add me on PSN: Goatmoon

I was wondering what combinations of minutes per half and match difficulty people were playing on. I can only manage professi

I wondered who else had moved out of their parent's house or what since I moved out again about a month ago. I've tri

So now that the steam summer sale has ended we can all look mournfully at our drained bank accounts and bulging libraries ful

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends is a naughty game

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