cat clone Shin Ra
Jun 25, 13 5:05pm
Lbh'yy svaq guvf zrffntr cerggl havagrerfgvat vs lbh svther bhg ubj gb qrpbqr vg
cat clone Shin Ra
Jun 25, 13 5:03pm
judaspriest Shin Ra
May 18, 12 3:33pm
This may seem out of the blue my fellow neoseeker and IRC veteran but it's a response to your signing from Jan 15 in 2007 at 9.58am!

I can't recall you ever adding me on MSN but here is a tasty pic, as per the trend of GB signing.

Although no one even signs the good old GB anymore, I'm rambunctious.

Keep on rocking in the free world!
Mojo Shin Ra
Mar 1, 09 9:43am

ssj5_vegeta Shin Ra
Feb 24, 09 1:57am

    srsly board D:

    Damn character minimum, what's the point? v.v
SquallyBalambGirl Shin Ra
Dec 25, 08 2:49pm

Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas
Vegetazoid Shin Ra
Sep 19, 08 9:59pm
Hey Shin Ra!
You seem like a cool neo member! Please sign back!
You have been stamped by the mighty prince!

Take care!
Aki Shin Ra
Jun 14, 08 3:19am
You are a good friend

nospaces Shin Ra
Mar 8, 08 5:49pm
__ __ _______ ________...
___ ____ _____ ___ ____ __! :@
_'_ _______ ____ ____ _____ ___, _ _ ____ __ __!
___ ____ __ ____ ___ __ __ __ ____ _ _____ ____ ____ _____, ________ __ _ ________.

_ __ ___ ___. :'(
Jilliebob Shin Ra
Mar 3, 08 6:49am
cheers foir the signage of my G/B

yeah we haven't spoke for ages, you should mesage me soemtime, your more likely to get a repsonce from myspace though btw!!

haha thanks, my avatar needs a few more piccies adding to it, i keeping meaning to but never get round to it!!

elemily Shin Ra
Feb 5, 08 3:24am
Hiya thanks for the signing

I've cleared MGS 1 on normal but still waiting for 2 to arrive (lazy postmen i blame!)

All the best,

tidus04 Shin Ra
Dec 26, 07 4:42am

Hope you have a good one!
Breeze Shin Ra
Dec 24, 07 10:38pm

Rabsh Shin Ra
Nov 7, 07 4:53pm

no big deal but i like this pic, so im seein how's it like in a GB, and also i said i would look for a cool stamp, didnt i? well, maybe not... anyway, here's the bird im flying for a week now.. i love it too much =]
Rabsh Shin Ra
Nov 2, 07 9:59pm
sorry i dont have any cool stamps, and i kinda forgot how to place images too, but no worries! Draconic girl [hope you heard of her] sent me the instructions, lol...

just wanted to thank you again cause now i feel better...

and now that i told you that, i feel also some kinda stupid

lol, well, be seein ya around!

P.S. did you play Ace Combat X for PSP?? you should! =]

Riku31069 Shin Ra
Sep 10, 07 3:47pm
OK so I'll sign your guestbook.

Sorry, don't expect any stamps from me as I prefer the old-fashioned way of typing.

Please sign back
WillBaxter93 Shin Ra
Sep 3, 07 2:09pm
Thanks for the sign Billy.

I love you more than life. Liverpool suck btw.

Pedigree Shin Ra
Sep 1, 07 6:54pm
Okay lang ako.

Minsan lang ako makahanap ng kausap dito na Filipino talaga ang pagsalita.

PM mo ako kung gusto mo pa-magusap.
Donnelly Shin Ra
Mar 15, 07 1:23am
*runs in maniacally*
*slaps paste about*
Here are some darn funny pics for you, you lucky guy/gal, you...

*runs out cackling*

TheRealDarkFox Shin Ra
Feb 21, 07 10:31pm
Death my love take me now,
I have waited so long,
Take me now an tell me you need me,
Love me,
Care for me,
And I will be yours forever.

Death & Love

i lay in this garden of Black Roses,
waiting for you to come,
i wear the tight little blood red dress you gave me,
i came here ready to love,
but all i got was my innocence taken form me,
now i lay here in this graveyard ready to take my life,
your running,
you see me with the knife,
you see what you have done to me,
i slit my wrists,
you scream my name,
you scream you love me,
now i lay here with my life coming to a end,
you fall on your knees next to me,
are you crying for me or the unborn child you never knew about?,
you say your sorry,
an the strange thing is i believe you,
an before i die i say one thing to you,
i love you,
you cried when i closed my eyes an took my last breath,
you cried when they lowered my coffin in to the ground,
an that night that very night you took your life to be with me an your unborn child,
i love you.

Blood Stained Hands

I have killed you,
You were the only man I loved,
I killed you an that slut that slept with you,
I killed you out of love,
I killed you out of anger,
I killed you the father of my unborn child,
You left me for a slut,
So I came to your house and killed you,
I killed you and that slut while you two slept,
Now I see what i have done,
Now my hands are stained with your blood,
I am running,
To were you ask?
I don’t care as long as it is far, far from here,
I feel in love many years later,
We are marred and now have two kids,
one is yours,
But every night that i close my eyes,
I see my blood stained hands,
And you saying your sorry.

By: Brandie Landrum

this is wot i do when bored lol
Shinshiro Matsume Shin Ra
Dec 21, 06 9:45pm
just came to make to say a hello and a have a marry christmas and a happy new year m8.

ok ok ok i cant make a good stamp so screw the stamp!
Fluidity Shin Ra
Aug 6, 06 2:33am
You like Final Fantasy games right? Here's a stamp of Tidus. Please sign back. ^^

Vapour Snake Shin Ra
Apr 18, 06 8:39am
You've been randomly bitten by me, becasue i felt like it. Now that i have tasted you i hope to see you around the forums alot more.

Ikary Shin Ra
Mar 6, 06 10:26am
Thanks for signing, here's my reply.

The next part will make no sense since I actually used this for Valentine's day... However, I'll leave this here until I make the new "'Ikary Products' Limited Edition Stamps" system... Anyway...

Despite you may be lonely this day... Please don't cry...

If we could see tomorrow
What of your plans
No one can live in sorrow
Ask all your friends

Times that you took in stride, their
Back in demand
I was the one who's washing
Blood of your hands

Don't you cry tonight
I still love you baby
Don't you cry tonight
Don't you cry tonight
There's a heaven above you baby
And don't you cry tonight

I know the things you wanted
They're not what you have
With all the people talkin'
It's driving you mad

If I was standing by you
How would you feel?
Knowing your love's decided
And all love is real
oh, Baby

and don't you cry tonight
Don't you cry tonight
Don't you cry tonight
There's a heaven above you baby
And don't you cry tonight

I thought I could live in your world
As years all went by
With all the voices I've heard
Something has died

And when you're in need of someone
My heart won't deny you
So many seems so lonely
With no one left to cry to baby

And don't you cry tonight
Don't you cry tonight
Don't you cry tonight
There's a heaven above you baby
And don't you cry tonight
Don't you ever cry
Don't you cry tonight, baby, maybe, someday
Don't you cry tonight
Don't you ever cry
Don't you cry

-Guns n' Roses: "Don't Cry (Alt. Lyrics)"
flame_boi13 Shin Ra
Mar 3, 06 12:28pm
† Kiss the Devil Incognito †

Maybe we should visit each other someday XD.Me getting hornier? maybe your right my stamps avatars has all changed.I threw my Gackt stamp away and stamped with you with this new one I made