I wondered who else had moved out of their parent's house or what since I moved out again about a month ago. I've tri

So now that the steam summer sale has ended we can all look mournfully at our drained bank accounts and bulging libraries ful

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends is a naughty game

I know neoseeker is full of turbonerds who will have all kinds of items of clothing associated with video games. What have yo

I don't know why I'm so zen, I make the power of now look like the power of then http://bit.ly/1ahEtbN
Cut the root of suffering

Steam has the interesting little feature of counting how many hours we play our games for in total and per week. I've log

I thought this was an important enough piece of news to share here for anybody still unaware of XP's extended support com

So annoying when your windows key has been used too many times!
omg why is Total War: Rome 2 so hard ;(
The Jedi Knight series of games is so underrated
Just call me El Presidente
Play Starbound!
raging at neo
Just been for my first swim in like 8 years, feels good man
Crisis Core ends so sadly ;_;
erm less of this
the emptiness of all phenomena

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