Playing Final Fantasy VIII
Defeated the Sergeant in Semitt Falls. FinalFantasy2 iPhone
Met the moogles Kupo and Skiltzkin in Alexandria. FinalFantasy9 PS3
Defeated Karlabos in Torna Canal. FinalFantasy5Advance GBA
Protected Terra from Narshe's soldiers in Narshe Cave. FinalFantasy6Advance GBA
Protected Rydia from Baron's soldiers in Kaipo. FinalFantasy4TheCompleteCollection PSP
Playing Final Fantasy VI Advance
Playing Pokémon Ruby Version
Playing Final Fantasy II for the PSP
Don't have a TV, PS2, or backwards compatible PS3. FinalFantasyX PS2
Don't have my own computer or required monthly fees. FinalFantasyXI PS2
Met the moogles Kupo and Skiltzkin at Alexandria. FinalFantasy9 PSX
Obtained the Guardian Force Ifrit at the Fire Cavern. FinalFantasy8 PC
Defeated the Guard Scorpion at Reactor No. 1. FinalFantasy7 PSX
Ordered this game to one location, but had to move to another location before I recieved it. Currently transfering it to my current... FinalFantasy6Advance GBA
Defeated the Wing Raptor at the Wind Shrine. FinalFantasy5Advance GBA
Don't have a TV, PS2, or backwards compatible PS3. FinalFantasyXII PS2
Found the wind crystal at Altar Cave. FinalFantasy3 NES
Defeated the Land Turtle at Semitt Falls. FinalFantasy2Import NES
Obtained the ship at Pravoka. FinalFantasy NES

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