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Met the moogles Kupo and Skiltzkin in Alexandria. FinalFantasy9 PS3
Met the moogles Kupo and Skiltzkin at Alexandria. FinalFantasy9 PSX
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  • "Perfection in every way imaginable. A tribute that pays homage to nearly every single Final Fantasy title up to IX. FinalFantasy9 PSX"
    Magic Aug 13, 13 9:00pm
  • "This is the best final fantasy game in the square enix sries if you ask me... FinalFantasy9 PSX"
    AceKid98 Aug 11, 12 4:25am
  • "even if you guys have to push me one via emails, I will finish this game.. it is good, after 8 been off the series for obvious reasons... FinalFantasy9 PS3"
    Nine ball Apr 11, 12 2:55pm
  • "The Fire Guardian in Memoria is almost IMPOSSIBLE and then the real guardian that I had to fight was almost UNABLE TO LOSE AGAINST!!! FinalFantasy9 PS3"
    Oh yeah im cool Jan 06, 12 2:08pm