May 28, 16 11:40pm
Let's all go camping
SheZow shared a forum thread
May 28, 16 11:13pm

Out of the released pokemon what one do you like best? Mine is the fire starter Litten

Jan 01, 16 11:10pm
Have a Shetastic New Year
Dec 04, 15 9:51pm
Happy Holidays
SheZow shared a forum thread
Aug 26, 15 8:04pm

I am at cooking lv 94 and don't have all recipies but when I eat the bread it says I do. did I do something wrong or some

May 19, 15 11:38pm
Hope everyone's day is Shetastic
Mar 30, 15 10:47pm
it's time to duel
Mar 20, 15 11:05am
I just had my gal bladder removed and am now on the road to recovery
Mar 07, 15 10:03pm
you asak what is on my mind? My skull is on my mind :3
Jan 30, 15 11:01am
The tests results are in. Dr says I don't have cancer! My problems lay in my gal bladder.
Jan 30, 15 8:24am
Where's the party?
Aug 31, 14 8:41pm
I got a new Laptop with wifi. Yay!
Jul 05, 14 3:50pm
Where will Pokemon go next? Who knows.
Jul 05, 14 10:34am
I love both games and plan on owning this one. ProfessorLaytonVsPhoenixWrightAceAttorney
SheZow shared a forum thread
Jun 20, 14 5:00pm

How do you know when you're gonna have a child in RF4 as the girl? Usually you play as the guy and your wife tells you, b

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