I got a new Laptop with wifi. Yay!
Where will Pokemon go next? Who knows.
I love both games and plan on owning this one. ProfessorLaytonVsPhoenixWrightAceAttorney 3DS

How do you know when you're gonna have a child in RF4 as the girl? Usually you play as the guy and your wife tells you, b

Let's go for a ride in my SheHicle.

Personally I think they could have come up with something better. Like Rockin' Ruby and Fabulous sapphire. What do you gu

How do you get all of the pins in the game? I can't get them all. :confused:

I had to borrow a computer to get on neoseeker. I normally use my 3ds to log on but since the upgrade I can't without goi

Let's go for a ride in my SheHicle
how do you get all the pins in Disney Friends

How do I get the coeds to unlock all of the funny stuff in the DS game?

Does anyone know how I can get a King Cabbage in RF4

I created this because I noticed there wasn't one here.What is the Events/Requirements for marriage of Dolce. Also need info on the her marriage event the language of Flowers....

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