Is there anyway to get past the non moving boulder boar looking things on floors B2F and B3F?

Hello my clan Order Of Khaos is looking for new members to join up. You don't have to have an awesome K/D or or W/L, we j

What's a good sniper class to get the gillie suit please list gun, attachments, perks, lethal and tacticals, and strike p

Trying to unlock the ghillie suit
Trying to get the ghillie suit

I'm looking for a clan to join I've tried making my own clan and I can't get any members. I have a .8 K/D an 1.6

Hi my clan is looking for new members your K/D doesn't matter and there is no tests to join or anything if anyone is inte

pwning at some random fps
OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Cant stop the poke madness
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