got boring so got new game PokemonDash DS
What are you looking at
:D this is so much fun and hard at times HarvestMoonDSCute DS
i'll be happy if i could go to your town or you come to mine so pm me :P AnimalCrossingWildWorld DS
done the the game so fun but hard to pokedex because i cant trade but is a very fun game PokemonFireRed GBA
"i love pokemon platinum it is so cool and i am trying to unlock all the stuff for my house at the restort area" PokemonPlatinumVersion DS
I restarted my emerald and i going to fight the twin gym leaders PokemonEmerald GBA
"i finshed both pokedexs and my hole team is lvl 100 Torterra Staraptor Gyarados Tryanitar Garchomp and Dragonite " PokemonDiamond DS
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