Shaymin blogged
Apr 3, 11 11:21pm

The level 1 rare everyone wants to get it. If you have a zoroark just breed it and BA-BOOM! You have gladly got a Level 1 Zoura. If what i say is true, then what can you do with these things?

Well one thing is to train them.

Another is to deposit them on the GTS for Big and bad pokes! Usually if you say "Any" you might get a level 100, shiny,ubers,or legits. Zoura is the elite GTS desposial Machine. Just get a zoroark and breed with a ditto. Then hatch the egg and hatch it. Put it on the GTS and ask for a rare Poke.

Select "any" or "100"

Then I do belive wait a couple of days. Sometimes its hours.

Then you will probally get your Shiny, Legit, Uber, or 100.

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The Gratitude Pokemon
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The gratitude pokemon
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