Sorry I did this like three years after you signed mine but I figured I could still do it to keep in touch.
It has been a little bit since i signed your guestbook so here you go old friend! (I called you old friend because we've been friends for a while!)
(These are my OCs)
hey, Shawn! guess what i got for Christmas?!

I GOT A PSP! I GOT PSP! AND YOU DIDN'T! ha! HA! HA! .....oh, and merry Christmas.
we've known each other for a year now :3 love you! ~ <333
My old stamp broke so here's the new and unbreakable stamp.

Sorry for the double stamping :3
Whats wrong with me just playin' with ya?
Am I not even your friend just because a joke!?
You can't take one joke!

Not even a neofriend,
0.o sup man, do good in pokemon and good luck at team rocket HQ.

Take Care, Friends are always there for you when you need them, bro.
After lots of procrastination, the stamp has finally arrived...
Hey shawn...yeah I don't know what to say but hey...XD Well,sign mine back. I just want to say hey.And My Tyranitar will beat your Nidoking.
Hey man. LOL Not sure what to say..... er.... How's life? 0_o Uh......

Uhm........ Bye Bai Buday.
hello! i just wanted to say hi! here have vegeta or broly XD
I saw you on the SoulSilver forum, and thought you looked pretty cool, so I wanted to know if you wanted to be friends. I would stamp, but I don't have a stamp, so, just..PM me if you want to be friends, I guess.
dude. i like never signed your guest book! well here you go!

lucky indeed. MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Life is full of mysteries and new things. Don't take your life for granted. Live it to the best of you ability. A man long ago told me that.

hi shawn just stampin u're guest book. we really r pals right? ya know were just messin bout with the fan character story thing right?

best wishes

I was in the mood to stamp ppls, so this is me stamping u.

You've been stamped by the lovely Harpielady
your welcom btw is that pic showing me your imotions because idk if it a pic of yami gasping fro what i said or u? oh and uhmmmmmm dang it i don't know what to say........................................................................................................................... oh i accuadtly twisted my ankale really bad
hi u know me i am just sighing your gust book to tell this to u. Shawn Yasumara is a cool guy he keeps thing cool when it gets bad he is a guy who had inspiered me to be myself and i really acctep to be mysel and i have to say thanks Shawn u are the best guy who changed me to be myself and go for it thanks i am glad to be your neo freaind
Your a really good friend so I think I can....STAMP!Naaa I don't know how to stamp so I just.....SIGN!So keep it up and you'll be friends with everybody.
Hi, dude wazzup. MasterZX here. Thanks for the stamp! I'll use it now!!
Have a great day!

happy Halloween shawn.
Buu heard Broly signed his guestbook, Buu will give you chocolate for it:

now I've stamped your guestbook we are officially neofriends.