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Anime Top 10: English Openings

One of the first things you see when beginning an anime is its opening. The first thing you hear is its theme. If you watched a fair share of dubbed anime, like myself, you'll notice that the openings are sometimes different between languages. Sometimes, they're good. Sometimes... not so much. But this list showcases some of the best English opening themes in anime. I'll mostly be going by sound, so don't expect any scientific reasoning here. Let's begin! (I'll link directly to the YouTube page of the videos because said videos are massive otherwise )

Number 10

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

I couldn't quite get into the anime, but we sure are starting strong with Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and its opening theme. It took a few listens, but after about rhee I got absolutely hooked to this song for a time. it's fast-paced but surprisingly soothing. 4Kids can be hit or miss when dubbing opening, and this was most definitely a hit.

Number 9

Beyblade: Metal Masters

Number 9 is... Metal Masters. Even I'm not sure why. My sister loves the show and the song got stuck in my head. It grew on me pretty quickly. Very fast and energetic (not to mention catchy), much like the series itself. I'll sing right along with it from time to time when I catch it on TV... Maybe that isn't something I should admit. :laugh:

Number 8

Rave Master

Number 8, looking on from those rose-tinted glasses, is Rave Master. Haven't seen the show in ages, but the song is always fresh in my mind. Pretty kickin' song, which matches the often hard-hitting action that Rave Master brings to the table.

Number 7

Yu Yu Hakusho

Number 7 is Yu Yu Hakusho. I will admit something about this song: It doesn't fit Yu Yu Hakusho. Like, at all. However, that doesn't mean it isn't an amazing song. I honestly prefer this song to its japanese counterpart, which is true for all of Yu Yu Hakusho's music, really. I'll give this song a listen every now and again, and I enjoy it each time.

Number 6


Number 6 is CLAMP's Cardcaptors. This is an anime that I haven't seen in, literally, ages. Heck, I don't even have any vivid memories of the anime itself. None except for this song. Sweet Suzumiya do I dig this song. If I knew the words from memory, I would very likely belt it out at least once a day. My lack of memories of this anime is what keeps it this low, since I hardly find it fair to put such an enigmatic anime as high as I would have put it.

Number 5

Magic Knight Rayearth Season 2 (couldn't find the video in decent quality, sorry 'bout that)

Number 5 is Magic Knight Rayearth's second season. The first season's English opening is...meh. But it really picks up for season 2. Could be because this was the first Rayearth song I heard, but even if it wasn't I'm certain I'd have loved this song all the same.

Number 4

Pokemon Johto Journeys (Again, couldn't find a decent video. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.)

Number 4 is Pokemon Johto Journeys. Most people sing the first opening's praises, but if Johto Journeys isn't the best opening in Pokemon, then my name is Nancy. The vocals are simply Amazing and the lyrics are, in a way, inspirational. Tell me you don't want to be the best that you can be when you give this song a listen. I dare ya.

Number 3

Digimon Season 1

The one of very few instances where I prefer Digimon to Pokemon, number 3 is the first opening of Digimon. This is almost my childhood's theme song. I didn't know the words when I was little, but I sang it anyway. And now, I'm older, so...I sing it anyway, now that I do know the words. The digital monsters may not always be one of my all-time favorites, but their music sure is.

Number 2

Deadman Wonderland

Number 2 is Deadman Wonderland. One of few anime I watched and finished in English, this was by far my favorite part of Toonami's revival when it was on. It sounds amazing, it's dark, its twisted, it's Deadman Wonderland! The fact that there's a full version to it only helps further. I give this a listen almost regularly.

Number 1

Shaman King

Number 1 is Shaman King! My memory of the show was fuzzy, and my memory of the song was as well, actually. But I went on a nostalgia kick one day a while back, and... how the hell did this escape my memory vault for so long?, this song's good. Makes me wish the show was on TV just so I could hear it some more.

Well, that's the list. As usual, if you have a request for a top ten, bottom ten, or something else, let me know. I could use the inspiration!

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tikoloshe Apr 8, 13
The Shaman King's theme is so intense ;-;