Shawn Yasumara shared a forum thread
Sep 09, 15 12:54am

_Syn_ ( VS Mook Mason (

Shawn Yasumara shared a forum thread
Jul 30, 15 3:29am

this is where members can make their introductions to the forum! How long have you been a fan of anime, favorite series/ char

Shawn Yasumara shared a forum thread
May 29, 15 5:46pm

So, I'm thinking of building a Dark Scorpion deck that includes a few modern twists, the first of which is Mask Change II

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Mar 11, 15 2:05am

I'm looking for the Dragon Balls to re-distribute my character's stats. However, placing unecessary points into my st

Shawn Yasumara
Feb 28, 15 8:42pm
May not see me as much for a while, playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Shawn Yasumara
Feb 01, 15 2:14am
Not sure what to put here. Uh... what's up, everyone?
Shawn Yasumara
Dec 11, 13 10:44pm
Can finally play Pokemon and Yugioh online again.
Shawn Yasumara
Aug 24, 13 3:36am
Finished Slayers... And it is, quite simply, the greatest thing.

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