So I figured I'd make this thread specifically for Games with Gold and the PS+ free games. In case you don't know wha

So I'm massively against DLC, despite the fact that I've just bought 2 pieces of it today. One of which was a £

First off, I've no idea if this is in the right place, don't think there's a forum specifically for Android Apps

What are you like when playing online games such as GTAV? Are you the kind that just rampages and kills any other players tha

I've gotten a few Platinums over the years, and trophy hunting is a hobby of mine. I might not have as many as some peopl

So I bought a Wireless Headset a few days ago, I won't mention which ones as to avoid all of the "You should buy one

@Justplayingitcool and I were talking a few months ago and, for some odd reason, we'd rather have Elder Scrolls 6 that Fa

Oh look, so there IS a good Indie game... _Super Stardus

There I've changed the title of the series, happy now?

This one's for you, @Justplayingitcool _Pokemon E

I have so many of these, hence the confusion around my top 10. I've had so many amazing experiences in game but I felt if

In Oddworld, Shave does Odd things. _Oddworld: Stran

If you stay with me girl, we can hack the world. _Watch Do

From Racing to...wait, I've never heard of that game...

Shooting to racing. _Midnight Club: Los Angeles_

Recently(Well, like 2 months ago) I took the plunge and bought a PS4 because the opportunity arose to borrow the money with n

From Nordic to cartoon, and melee to guns. Lots of guns.

From flat worlds of Pokemon to vertical worlds. _Darksi

From a game with a massively destructible environment to one that just doesn't change at all. http://i1263.photob

From a game with simple destruction animations, to one with incredibly precise building destruction. http://i1263.phot

From one lush climate to another back on earth, only you're blowing this one to pieces. http://i1263.photobucket.c

Moving on now from the bleaky world of Skyrim now to a game that's...erm...out of this world? No, that was terrible.

Hey, Shave here! Kinetic Inspired me to do my own Top 10, but since I've done one only a few months ago on GameGrep I tho

Well hello there... --Quote-- Bethesda Softworks has applied to trademark Fallout: Shadow of Boston. The trademark reques

So I just read article, and it looks like putting your

I wasn't very optimistic about this, but I've just tried it and after a few problems with my mate's internet, we

This week we have a game for singing, a game for dancing, and a game for running from zombies without actually running. ht

Games, so many games. This week, we have a Sequel, a Pre-Sequel, a new IP, a remake and a re-release. http://i1263.photobu

Hey guys, so 4 years ago I headed a forum game known as Dead End in the Fallout Forum. It was an interactive forum game where

This week sees the release of 2 of very anticipated titles. _ - Xbox 360 and

So having got my PS4 it's becoming annoying to keep having to switch my keyboard between PC and the PS4 so first on the l Dang :(

Not sure if anyone has heard or not, but PSN was hacked again today. Usually no one would care, but this time they've

Hey guys, thought I'd drop in and say that because I didn't pre-order The Crew, I'll be watching a 24 hour stream

Damn, the old guy in Jurassic Park :(

So guys, the time has finally come for me to get a PS4. I did have a laundry list of games I wanted that were coming out but

--Quote-- Info/ Developer: Ivory Tower, Ubisoft Reflections Publisher: Ubisoft Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Just coming back from town I imagined something I've always wanted to happen. Imagine if for 1 day all vehicles disappear