So when I use to buy things it would be straight forward. I'd buy it and the money would come right out of my bank accoun

This question is only for Playstation. So I've heard that a villagers trade items will change now. Apparently a few mo

--Quote-- Police say the mother of a pupil at a French pre-school stabbed a teacher to death in front of her class Friday, th

--Quote-- Lindsay Lohan filed a lawsuit against the makers of "Grand Theft Auto V," claiming they used her likeness

First off, Mod Approved: --Quote @Stitch-- I don't mind. --End Quote-- --Quote @Mouldy Cheese@-- Ooh yeah! I like t

At least they've finally acknowledged it. Some people have been unable to play the game at all, but being as greedy and u

Ha, wonder if he succeeded... --Quote-- An Arizona man was arrested last week after “trying to shoot the Moon”

_Author:_ ] _Title:_ “Time to use your phone as a weapon, without throwing it at someone's head” _Ratin

There's another thread about the same, but it didn't exactly have a fitting title, source or a picture. He's s

After getting 100% on GTAV(And being the first person I know to do it), I didn't really touch it again. I tried Online tw

So there's a DLC pack for the game, though I'm not entirely sure that it's out for anything but PS3 yet. To get i

Another record for Watch Dogs. It's now the best selling week 1 new franchise of all time, beating L.A Noire and selling

So there's 23 songs to 'collect' and there's two ways to do it, either by hacking civilians or by listening t

1) If you jump in a car and the person you took it from calls the cops, just reverse to them. 9 times out of 10, they'll

When I saw you could buy cars I thought it was awesome, but then I saw the prices and thought "No way". But now

I don't know whether my TV is busted or not, but there's a constant crackle on Watch Dogs. I haven't actually tri

Before anyone complains, everyone has their own way of doing games, and mine is to finish the story first and foremost. I

Don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Grenades are widely used in Watch Dogs. I swear I've only been killed 4 or

So, what system do you guys have the game on? Thought we'd also use this thread as an ID Database. No hacking it mind.

So having played the game a few hours, I've found it's the little things that I like/hate. Aidens coat blowing in the

So you can disable online invasion, meaning you won't get any annoying messages saying this mission is unavailbale becaus

Back in the day(2009/10) I was a trophy hunter. I'd go out of my way to get trophies for a game and although the likes of

So the fanboy in me has been screaming for me to get a PS4 since the released. My brain told it to sit down and shut up. Howe

As of now the release is 14th October. This seems to have changed once or twice in the last few weeks and I almost shed a tea

Hey, Shave here. Found out about this while looking for Info about Two Worlds 3(Both Published by TopWare). Looks awesome that a development ph Before I thought about getting a 3ds

So I've built an Iron Golem Farm in Survival. Problem is that I haven't a clue how to get/spawn the villagers I need.

Can't believe the PS3 has been out 7 years now. I got one a few weeks after they came out and got Motorstorm with it. Was

So with the announcement today of Government plans, I wanted to get your views on Work Placements. For those of you living

Hey guys, I was just wondering if maybe someone with DBZ on DVD could get a screen shot of a scene in DBZ, the same one as my

Figured I'd make a Game equivalent of the Movie thread of the same idea in Loungin. What game parts have made you tear

So I had this idea about nicknames on the site. It'd be pretty neat, I think, to have nicknames that are taggable. Like m

Simple idea, one I'm sure has been discussed before. Perhaps the ability to 'Like' posts, and show how many ea

It's been revealed that a hoverboard that Tony Hawk and Christopher Lloyd presented is a hoax.

So I have an interview on Thursday for an IT Apprenticeship, but I'm terrified I won't be good enough. So I'm cal