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May 15, 12 12:40am

So nearly 4 years ago, i read an article in a PS3 mag about about a game called Fallout 3 that would be coming out soon. It sounded decent but it was a time when gaming didn't hold a high place in my heart. I had a Wii and a PS3 and to be honest, the Wii barely got touched. So one day, when my brother said he was having a drive to the local Blockbuster, i thought i'd take my Wii and trade it in, get a few new games for my PS3. i bundled it up into its box and was off. Upon arrival i discovered they'd give me £80 for it. The price of 2 brand new games. At the time none really grabbed my fancy so i simply browsed. I was browsing when i saw a greenish PS3 games box, which had a picture of a motorbike helmet with a light on it. I picked it up and noticed it was Fallout 3, i shrugged and decided to get it, took a chance. I also picked upon Quantam of Solace at the same time and took them home. I wasn't really excited for Fallout but liked James Bond so i stuck it in my PS3. Liked it. Played a bit of the story untill i thought i'd give the other game a go. I put in and was greeted, when the game started, with a baby crying and Laim Neeson announcing to his wife that they had a baby. I was asked several thing, like sex, race, etc, then i had to make myself. I settled on a build and continued. The mother continued to die...

I knew after 10 minutes that it was special, and after only 30 minutes, i knew it would be the best game i will ever play. It was. Almost 4 years later and its still, by far, my favourite game. We've had New Vegas, a worthy distraction i must admit, but the lack of personality in New Vegas makes it fall way short in the pecking order for me. Then we had Skyrim only a few months ago. I bought it the day after it came out, but only because i hadn't the money to buy it day one. I love Skyrim. I'm still playing it today, albeit on PC now for the Mods. And it was Skyrim that made me want to write this article. So this is a list of the 5 things i want in/from Fallout 4, which to be honest, is a no brainer as to whether it'll release...

1) A better engine

5 years ago, during Oblivions prime, the Gamebryo engine wasn't considered the best. And that was 5 years ago. So by todays standard, the Gamebryo is horribly outdated. Beth have improved the engine slightly for Skyrim, but its still the type of engine you'd expect to see 3 years ago, minimum. Whilst Skyrim is better, on Fallout i feel like a piece of furniture on the Sims what can only move on the Y, X or Z axis.

2) Real guns

Don't get me wrong, i love the guns on Fallout, in a way NV is better because of the modification of weapons in it such as scopes etc, however i dont like the fact that the LMG of the game is called 'Light Machine Gun' and the Sniper Rifles are merely called 'Sniper Rifle' and 'Anti-Material Rifle'. I want real name dammit, and i want more realistic spread. An Assault rifle from 5 metres WILL hit the target in full auto, not the enemy thats 90 degrees to my right.

3) Wow moments

Obsidian dropped the ball with New Vegas when they put barely any wow moments in the game. All the way through Fallout 3 there was things to make you say wow. Exiting the Vault for the first time, seeing Megaton for the first time, detonating Megatons Nuclear bomb from Tenpenny Tower, seeing a Super Mutant Behemoth for the first time. The list goes on for Fallout 3, but for new Vegas the only moment that made me say wow was when the Boomers flew over head in the battle for Hoover Dam. Even then that wow moment has circumstances, since you'd have to have helped the Boomers and got them onside for them to do it, whereas all of Fallout 3's came along no matter what.

4) No factions

Whilst i like the Brotherhood of Steel, i didn't like that in New Vegas, you had 9 or 10, maybe more, factions which would like or hate you. Each town and faction had its own feelings towards you and frankly it pissed me off.

5) Back to Bethesda

Its already been confirmed that Fallout 4 will be made by Bethesda, but i can't tell you how much i want them to make it. In my opinion Obsidian went tits up with New Vegas and whilst it had its strong points, like more weapons and mods for them, it also had its flaws, like horrific loading times and way too many load screen doors, as well as an inumerable amount of bugs and glitches, alot of which are game breaking.

All in all i do like both games but Fallout 3 just about trumps it in every way.

Fallout 3 has Super Mutants Behemoths, wow moments, Liam Neeson fantastic landmarks.

New Vegas has Factions and more weapons with mods.

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Jul 3, 10 7:25pm

He didn't fight it, he just let it happen. He felt the warm soft lips kiss his own, and he began to kiss back and they hugged and kissed for several minutes. Marcus thought about trying his luck but thought better than too, he didn't want to totally blow his chance with her. He began to pull away from her but felt her warm hands grab his head and hold him there. Then suddenly it stopped, Marcus thought it was finally the end, he didn't want it to end, but he didn't want to rush it either.

Then suddenly, his shirt was ripped open and pulled off him, and he was thrown onto the bed which he couldn't see. A small light flicked on which gave enough light to see. Then he felt someone sit right on his crotch area and felt himself begin to get hard. Stacey swooped down and began to kiss him again while rubbing his chest with her hands. Then something clicked in his head, suddenly he didn't want to take it slowly, a huge urging desire took over him. He reached up and ripped open her top, revealing a beautiful set of breasts. He sat up taking her with him and ripped open her Bra as well, and began rubbing her breasts with his lips and tounge. For a few minutes she enjoyed it before jumping off him and taking off her trousers, Marcus doing the same. She stepped towards him, wearing only panties. He sat and looked at her, she was like an angel drifting towards him from heaven. He grabbed her and pulled her towards him and ripped off her panties to reveal what surely must be the gate to heaven.

She smiled and leant her breasts on his face, pushing him into a sitting position on the bed, and he again began to use his lips and tounge to massage them, and used his hand to massage the inside of her *bleep* while she reached down to massage his *bleep* with her own hand. For several minutes they each let out pleasurable groans before he picked her picked and sat her slowly down on his *bleep*. She groaned louder and louder as she sank down onto his lap, then they had finally reached the point of no return. He hugged her and helped her as she bounced up and down on his lap, massaging both of them. They both let out many pleasurable groans as she bounced up and down and up and down. Then Marcus picked her up, still in the postition, and turned around, lying her on the bed. He took over the work and began inserting his *bleep* into her *bleep* several times, getting harder and faster every time. They both groaned as he worked and Stacey lay there moaning.

He then took his *bleep* out and moved downward a little to her alternative hole. He slowly inserted into it, Stacey moaning louder than ever and Marcus trying to get it as far in as he could. Then suddenly, with one swift movement, he gave a huge push and his *bleep* shot into her 2nd hole and she screamed at the top of her lungs. He pumped for several minutes, listening and watching Stacey scream with immense pleasure with each thrust. Then he took it out and they both started taking long breaths. Stacey calmed down, thinking it was over. Then suddenly, Marcus thrusted into her *bleep* again and she screamed more. He thrusted her very very hard and very very fast several dozen times. Then he felt something in his *bleep*, working it's way through, then felt a warm oozing liquid come from the end of it. Stacey felt it too as she looked at him and smiled. Marcus pulled out and fell on the bed next to her, and looking at each other, they both fell asleep.

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May 10, 10 12:59am

Shave has a few games, more than he's ever had before. At those dark times when i could only choose between 2 or 3 games to play, life was boring, it was dull. I relied on online friends for entertainment, no not that kind. In these kinder times, i have the likes of 16 or 17 PS3 games at a time. DLC amongst it all too. Some of these games are brilliant, some are poop, yes, poop. Right now i'm going to try and write a review for every game i have, and maybe have a little extra rant afterwards, about the nessecity of online gaming, and trophies. I'll include DLC Review's alongside the game it's content is for as well. But please note, i can only Review a DLC package i have.

The Reviews are in order of how much i like them, starting with the one i haven't actually played yet, i can't really Review them i know, but i'll just put a little note. Please bare in mind, these are not professional reviews, these are my own thoughts on the games.

Mirror's Edge
A legendary running game i own, but yet to play. I've heard it's a brilliant game, and since i had £3 to spare when i saw it one day, i picked it up. £3 for a so called brilliant game. I'll update this once i've actually played it.

My Rating: N/A
Trophies Rating: N/A

Far Cry 2
I barely remember playing this, it was another 'Oh look it's really cheap i'll get it' buy. I heard lots of mixed feelings, some say it's brilliant, some say it's terrible. My gripe with it started immediatly, your sitting in a car, in the desert in africa or somewhere, another dude is driving, you just have to sit back, listen to him ramble on. All i wanted to do was do all this awsome shooting a hand gliding shit i've heard so much about. However for the first 10 minutes, and i'm not joking i think it's seriously 10 minutes, you sit and do nothing. All you can do is turn your head and look around at the amazingly boring rocks and sand that surrounds you. So we finally get to this place, this hotel or whatever, i pass out cos of Maleria i'm like WTF!?!?. I wanna be some sick badass who blows shit up for fun, not some pussy who faints. So yes, things are going pretty damn badly. When it gets worse, after a short clip where the main bad guy has caught you straight away, you have to fight your way out of that hotel. Great, effing great.

So here we go, we have a pitol and a nice big Knife, which that bad guy so generously left behind, but we soon pick up what i think was an AK. So i'm beginning to think you know, maybe this won't be so bad. Oh look, there a bad guy, i aim and shoot....WTF it's not hurting him. So i switch to the pistol, bang bang bang, he takes one shot. I get real close and shoot him again, he goes down. So guns have ridiculously shit accuracy, this just keeps getting better and better, and wouldn't you know it, we pass out again. We wake up in a little building of a mini army or something, he says he good guy, gives us some stuff for the Maleria and we work for him now, typical shit really. We go fix this car, get in and drive to this place, the car handles shit, i turn left, and it takes about 30 seconds to actually start turning. So now i'm getting a little bit :#. I get to this place, kills some guys and voila, it's now my safe house. I'm like o_O, i save the game and turn it off, havent touched it since.

My Rating:3/10

There are some games which pull off the FPS/Open World mix perfectly, this isn't one of them.

Trophies Rating: N/A

Killzone 2
Another one of those 'It's cheap so i'll get it' games. Heard it was good more than bad. I tried the demo when it was first released but didn't like the sluggish movements, however i'd heard they'd tweaked it in an update so i tried it again. I was unfortunatly dissapointed. Whenever i turned it was like being in a type of quick sand that would never make you sink, just make you turn slowly and make you feel as though you playing as a slug. I must say, the game itself looks breathtaking. The visuals they've put on it, this would have actually been my type of been, had they done it right. Space setting, fighting an alien species, guns and stuff, my type of game, just a shame they tried to make it realistic and failed miserably. It's as though they've made it brilliantly, tried to make it realistic, but failed, but they couldn't be bothered to put it back. THe result, is alot of fans i'll admit, but they've also driven some away from a game that could've been one of my favourites had it been done right.

My Rating: 3/10
Stunning visuals, my type of game. But sluggish movements totally wrecked it for me.

Trophies Rating: N/A

Resident Evil 5
Oh my god, it's super awsome zombie fighting serious that i've never played for years, it's back with a number 5, but it's also back shit. My gripe, just like many others, is the fact you cannot move while aimg, you can only turn. I'll tell you what, if i were being chased by zombies and had to shoot them to save my life, i'd tell the developers to *bleep* off, and i'd run for my life and shoot at the same damn time. Zombie's are supposed to be these brainless brain hungry things that hunt your brains, but the Zombie's in RE5 are far from that, they're just humans infected with a virus which makes them cranky and depressed. They even have one cut scene at the start where there going to exectute a human, the 'lead' zombie is talking through a damn megaphone to the other zombies who are celebrating the execution. Now that's just ridiculous. But it gets worse.

In the 10-20 minutes i played, i'd kicked open about 3 doors, opened 3 doors, climbed 2 ladders and jumped down a hole, all of which required a buttong prompt, But in that first 10-20 minutes, i'd only killed 1 zombie. I want to kill zombies, not sit and press circle, triangle and square to open or kick down doors. This would have alot of potential if thse issues could have been cleared up, but clearly the dev's didn't have a *bleep*ing clue what they were doing.

My Rating: 2.5/10
This also had potential, but the button prompts were just as pointless as trying to argue down Final Blade when he's on Crack. It reminded me of the Cesar Vialpando mission from GTA:Sanandreas. The whole not moving while aiming is ridiculous beyond ridicule as well.

Trophies Rating: N/A

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
I'm honeslty in 2 minds about Uncharted. Some, if not most, say it's brillaint, and in some ways i agree. The fact that Nathan Drake is strong and athletic enough to jump massive gaps and climb rocks amazes me. It has it's fair share of puzzles to solve and humans to kill, but it was when you're on a german U-Boat that i started to love it. You come accross a new, super-natural enemy, some kind of posessed zombie which chases you down. They are in fact, very similar to the Trogs of Fallout 3's The Pitt DLC. That was where i started to love it, that's here i thought to myself 'Hey wait a sec, this is exactly what RE5 should have been, running and gunning'. But it got so much better, this boat was very dark inside, there was barely any light, i'm not a jumy person, but these things were like ghosts, appearing from no where. I loved it. I loved the story, a little farfetched really but brilliant all the the same, and that Elana is easy on the eyes :D.

My Rating: 6/10
Looks great, great story, great movement, Drake can move up, down around and between rocks seamlessly without falling to his death, which makes it slightly unrealistic in my opinion. Personally the fact that it isn't free roam ruined it becasue i generally only like free Roamers. But it's great all the same, though i wouldn't buy the 2nd.

Trophies Rating:5/10

just what you'd expect, mainly getting a certain amount of kills with a paticualar weapon, and completing the game on every difficulty, each difficulty with it's own trophy upon completion, and then a trophy for every 5 (or 10) treasuers you get

Battlefield:Bad Company
An online friend of mine managed to aquire 2 Beta codes for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta. I'd never really bothered with the serious, but since he was so generous, i thought i'd check the Beta out. I fell in love with it. I'd owned CoD4:MW before, but didn't like, i thought maybe this would be the same, how wrong i was. BC2 Beta gives you more, dropping Medikits and ammo for teamates for example. So after having a good few days' blast on the Beta, i thought i would check the first one out. Picked it up, brought it home, but sadly i was dissapointed. It was a typical FPS, but this one was slightly different, this was open world, and it was destrucible building, why storm that building full of enemies when you can just blow the whole thing up?. My only gripe, was getting between A and B, they often provided vehicles, but they were, if i'm honest, pathetic. A tank, should be able to climb at least a 50 degree hill, but they couldn't manage a damn 20 degree one, it was pathetic, and i'd often find myself abandoning the vehicle and walking the rest of the way. Another problem i had with BC1 is it's kinfe function, it's a single hold weapon, which mean to use it, you have to have it equipped, he uses it automatically when you equip it, but it seems stupid. Then we come to what i think is BC1's biggest problem, it's online. For some reasons which i can't describe, it's online is terrible, absolutly atrocious.

My Rating:3.5/10
Single player isn't the worst, but still could have done some things better.

Trophy Rating:N/A

Eat Lead:The Return of Matt Hazard
'Who?'. That was the answer i got when i asked my brother, my cousin and all my friends when i told them i'd gotten a game called the return of Matt Hazard. Apparrently he was huge years ago, but not anymore he isn't, because no one's ever heard of him. I played the first mission and never played it again. but a few weeks later i braved it one more time. I put a fair bit time into it, give it a fair chance, and in a way it delivered. It's tried it hardest to copy Uncharted i can tell. It's failed miserably. Everything you have on it, the cover system, the shooting everything, is similar and significantly worse than Uncharted. I'm not even going to give my full thought because it isn't worth my time. In short, it was made by a rock 'n' roll biker gang of 10 year olds. Simple as that.

My Rating:1.5/10

Typical Uncharted copy, but it's failed miserably.


This is another one of those games which i'm in 2 minds about. On one hand, your dude, Alex Mercer, is awsome, who doesn't want to play as a virus infected NYC citezen who can turn his arm into a Massive blade, claws, a vine, massive hammers and mass muscles?. the one thing about Prototype is that in the city, apart from the main story bosses, theres very little challenge, you can easily crush anything that comes your way. On the other hand, it feels down right lonely. As though your god, but can't communicate.

The side missions are pathetic really, so once the story is finished and all trophies exhausted, then all there really is to do, is kill, kill and kill. Slash, smash cut another hole in there ass. I thought it was brilliant being the almighty dominant one of the city, but it soon gets boring. There are upgrades to be earned by way of Exp. points, which are earned either by killing enemies, or (more effectivly) doing the side missions, but the upgrade don't actually take all that long to get, you don't have to put an awful lot of work into it. The side missions themselves mainly consist of doing what i said above, killing thing, either by a certain power, or a tank, or even a Helicopter. There a few gliding missions, where you must glide and land in a certain spot, but they are easily done.

My Rating:6/10

While it's brilliant to play god, it does get kinda lonley in NYC after a while. Only the main bosses in the story really provide a challenge

Trophy Rating:6/10

There is a good Trophy variety, ranging from simply finishing the story, to finishing the story whilst only consuming 10 civilians.

A favourite of many PS3 Fans, but not me. At first i found inFamous to be quite cool, the lead character was likeable, his powers were cool, i liked the idea of shooting electric from my hands. I was ager for this to impress, with it being a PS3 Exclusive. But, it turns Dull, theres a karma systems, are you a dick, or a hero, both sides reap benefits, usually trophies for the choices, but nothing very major. i think with a bit time, i;d have come to have REALLY liked inFamous, but i had one major problem. The upgrade, where prototype had loads of upgrades, this does not. You can get maybe 15 new skills, some of which you can upgrade. I'll admit some of the powers are cool, like grinding on electrical rails or sharp shooting, but it can't compare to Prototypes mass upgrades.

My Rating:7/10

Don't get me wrong i do like it, i just don't like the lack of upgrades.

Trophy Rating:N/A

Lego Star Wars:The Complete Saga
Few years back i said to my brother, 'Here, which multiplayer game you reckon me and you would play?'. 'Lego Star Wars' he said. So i got it, and i must say, it's fabulous. Not for a serious gamer, but for children it would be good, my nephew is a prime example, he plays it and loves it. With the Complete Saga you replay all 6 movies, each movie has 6 levels. They follow the story brilliantly, everything from Anakin's Pod Race to killing the Emporer is playable. Speaking of characters, if you've ever seen a character in Star Wars, you can play as them. That little droid mouse you see in A New Hope?, yep, you can play as it. Even the carbonated Han Solo, though all he can do is jump around, it's still pretty funny. Once you finish the story, which doesn't take long, you still have plenty to do, each level has 6 mini kits in it, and with 36 levels, that 360 collectibles, then theres even more to do. Theres loads of characters to unlock, all of which can be used in any level. Theres all the usual, including multiple versions of main characters, and then theres Droideka, which is the rolling things with sheilds, and the emporer himself is a playable character.

My Rating:7/10

Many would call you childish for owning this, but the fact is, there is so much to do, and it follows Star Wars so brilliantly that it's worth the humiliation.

Trophy Rating: Has no Trophies

Grand Theft Auto 4
Well, it's GTA, it's got to be awsome, doesn't it?. No, it doesn't. Take your 200 year old deaf, blind, paralysed relative, crush him down into his base formula, stick him into a machine that makes him into a game, and GTA4 is what you get. A boring, bland city, but with sweet lovely icing and fun underneath the surface. Playing through GTA4 is, quite frankly boring, it feels like more of a chore than fun. It's been totally revamped, it's NYC recreated in stunning detail and a 'Liberty City' label stuck onto it. Everything about the damn game is boring. The main character, Niko Bellic, who isn't likable at all. His cousin, Roman, is a twat who keeps getting you in shit, and it's a damn relief when he gets killed. The physics are realistic, which has put alot of people of it, if youre flying down a road in an Infernus, don't expect to simply shoot round the corner, you actually have to slow down like in real life. Crash into a wall, Niko will fly through the windscreen. Hit a police car, get out of the area without being seen, and hope and prey a cop car doesn't magically spawn up the road from you when your going way too fast to slow down. In some ways, GTA has improved, in some ways, it hasn't. It's lost alot of fans due to it's realism, but it's gained a fair few as well. Personally i don't like it all that much.

My Rating:7/10[b]

I won't deny GTA4 is great in it's own way, but games came about for pure and simple fun, to escape the harshness of real life, not to be put straight back into it.

[b]Trophy Rating:7/10[b]

Mainly completing missions and side missions, but a few others mixed in, including a couple of tedious ones, like reaching level 10 in multiplayer, and the dreaded 'Auf Weidersein Petrovic' trophy, which is the stupidist trophy i've ever seen.

[b]GTA4 DLC: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Take GTA4, now Sanandreas, mix em up, and this is the result. Although it's set in the same city, the city is almost identical to GTA4's, it is it's own game. This time you take the reigns of fun loving Luis Lopez, a bouncer and business partner of Gay Tony. Luis Lopez is a much more likable person than Niko, maybe more so even than some of the other GTA protagonists. GTA4 and Ballad of Gay Tony's stories interwine perfectly together, you see missions from different perspectives. Even the very first scene upon booting Ballad of Gay Tony up involves both Niko and Luis. Remmeber 3 Leaf Clover, where Niko and paki rob the bank?, theres a guy on the ground from the gun club, and he's gonna take them all downtown. The black dude he speaks to, thats Luis, and it's little crossings like that which make this DLC so brilliant. But it's not just the interwines that make it brilliant. Ballad of Gay Tony adds new vehicles, including the Sanandreas Favourite, the Bullet (Ford GT), and a helicopter with rockets, which a new character in the story, plates with solid gold. All in all i've totally forgotten what GTA4 is since i got Ballad of Gay Tony. Some people who point blank hated GTA4 are liking Ballad of Gay Tony, hoepfully Rockstar wil continue this fun.

My Rating:8/10

Absolutly brilliant, way better than GTA4 and well worth the hefty price tag.

]Trophy Rating:5/10

It's a shame such a fabulous episode couldn't have been accompanied by an equally impressive range of trophies, but the ones provided are decent.

Assassins Creed II
AC2 was one of those games which i always thought about getting, but never did, until a few weeks ago, and my god i'm glad i did. Sailing through the skies, leaping rooftops and performing assassinations are a breath of fresh air from the typical shooting and driving i usually do on games. I thought maybe the whole time machine thing was a bit stupid really, but once in, it was great. A very good story, free roaming around in 6 cities, each with it's own part of the story and side quests along the way. And if you get bored of all that, you can pop back to the villa and actually ugrade the small town where your villa is located. There is customization in AC2, a decent amount but not loads, you can of course choose your main weapons, but there are some side weapons which can't be replaced. Going through magnificent towns and cities you'll take in some breath taking visuals, but finding your way around can be daunting at first. After finishing the story i was impressed, i thought this would be one of those game i'd play forever. I was Wrong.

My Rating:7/10

Magnificent game, brilliant climbing to rival Uncharted, and weapons to along with it.

Trophy Rating:7/10

Decent selection, but weak, easy to get, my fastest Platinum to date, took me a mere 8 days and not much effort to get.

Mercenaries 2
Some hat it, i love it. I've heard many people say how crap this game is, but i think the fact that you can call a nuclear Bunker Buster on a tiny Venezualen Soldier is pretty frickin hilarious. i didn't like the first Mercenaries' story, but i liked every about number 2, except it's servers online. The driving isn't all that good, but theres a good selection of weapons on there. Helicopters too, each and every Helicopter is equipped with a winch, which can pick up unsuspecting army vehicles and fling them through the air with the right skill. And of course, many of the helicopter have weaponry, usually machine guns or rockets, or some even have both, and 3 helicopters even have 3 weapons on, and one inpaticular has 4. The tanks are the same, there is quite a variety of them, from light to heavy, chinese to U.S. The best thing about these copters and tank is you can buy them in quantities and have them delivered to you just about anywhere in the world from the PDA. Don't worry about money, it isn't exactly rare. This is one game where you can earn alot of money, i'm talking several Billion dollars. You need to worry about fuel, getting lifts to places, getting weapons and vehicles delivered cost fuel. You can go out anytime and grab a copter and pick up a tank of fuel, drop it in a safe place and call your pilot to pick it up, but you can sometimes run out of fuel at the worst possible times.

My one main problem with this game, is it's online. EA have screwed many of it's fans over trophy wise, trophies were not initially released for mercs 2 straight away, but when they were, people who alrady had the game, couldnt get the trophy for earning $1b while connected to EA servers. EA has done nothing about this. The EA servers are bad enough to connect to at normal times, but this is just ridiculous.

My Rating:8/10

Disregarding the online mode, i love Mercenaries 2, being able to knock down any building in game with a wide variety of Air Strikes is very satisfying indeed.

Trophy Rating: 7/10
Decent selection, except for the one many people were screwed out of. And one impaticular online trophy where you have to use 20 airstrikes, many people have given up on this trophy, saying it's glitched, but actually, it's just written wrong, you need to use 20 Different airstrikes in co-op. And since theres 20 different ones in the game, you need to use every airstrike once. So that mean using the Nuclear Bunker Buster, and that means you need to have finished the game in order to get this trophy. The Digital Man trophy can be a pain as well, because of one little choice.

When Borderlands was first released, everyone said it was way better than Fallout 3, now they've all changed there minds. 2K Games practically broke the law by saying borderlands had 'A Bazillion guns' on it. When actually it has about 20, just with randomized modification everytime you find one. When Borderlands' production was finished, people said it looked just like fallout, so they changed it to more cartoony 2D effects so it Wouldn't look like fallout basically. Don't get me wrong i love Borderlands, but to say it's better than fallout is just ridiculous.

My Rating:8.5/10

Got boring eventually, but had a good run with it.

Trophy Rating:7/10

Good selection, but like AC2, was easy to Platinum.

Borderlands DLC
Zombie Island of Dr. Ned
The first Borderlands DLC to be released, but also the best yet in my opinion.

My Rating:7/10

Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot
People think i'm as mad as her, but i think Moxxi is damn hot. This DLC puts you in an arena against 100's of enemies from the game, gang members, the lance and even the guardians. But it's ridiculously hard, and i dont know many people other than me who has finished it.

My Rating:3.5/10

Secret Armoury of General Knoxx
I havent played much of this, seems a little too much lik the game for my liking.

My Rating:5/10

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
As i said above a friend introduced me to the series, and i'm damn glad he did. BC2 is what MW2 aspires to be. BC2 does everything right, is there a noob sniper in that building?. blow it to hell and knock it down. BC2's single player in my opinion is way better than the 1st BC, this time rather than chasing gold your chasing a weapon of some kind and trying to save the world. However, online is where the gold from number 1 lies. I love it's online, it had tanks, and helicopter, each can turn the tide of th battle, but each can be brought down easily enough. Theres so much to say about BC2's online, that i'm not going to try. I'll just tell you it's awsome.

My Rating:9/10

It's a brilliant game, online is where it goes sky high awsome. Thank you Hman242, thank you.

Trophy Rating:7/10[b/]

Most you'd get by just playing the game, so not so much. Demolition man can be a pain online but it's easily doable if you know what to do.

[b]Midnight Club Los Angeles

This has to be my favourite racing game ever. It may not be the best looking, but i love the vinyl customization. Having topped the online car rater twice, it's become my favourite evr racer by far. If you have the skill, and a little imagination, you can draw just about anything on a car.

My Rating:9.5

Fantastic racing game, got some good memories of this game, probably the the game i've put most hours into after Fallout 3.

Trophy Rating:7

There are some tedious ones, like the goal attacks, but none too hard.

Midnight Club LA DLC
South Centrel and Car Packs
South increased the sixe of LA by about a 3rd, a welcome addition, it also added 7 new cars, including 4x4's.

In total the 2 car packs added 6 new cars, and one new bike, always a welcome addition to a racing game.

Fallout 3:Game of the Year Addition

My Rating:9.9/10
I won't say Fallout 3 is perfect because it's not, but by god it's damn close. It's my favourite game ever, bar none. I'm not even sure New Vegas will beat it.

playstation 3

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