Well, I don't know what to say. I've had two of the toughest years that I'll probably ever have. Although it looks as if I'm going for the third year, too. I have no bio. I have no fucking life.......


I really have no interests. I love to go 4-wheeling and I love to play with my niece. That's all.


~We get so far and then it just starts rewinding, the same old song, their playing it again, suspension without suspense.~
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Review: The Getaway - The Getaway: better than GTA???

Mar 8, 2003

Like I said, I was introduced to the Grand Theft Auto series back in about October. It came VERY highly recommended. I really liked the game and thought that The Getaway sounded, and looked, alot like the GTA series, so I thought I'd check into...

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