Thanks for the signing, I'm guessing it was random. xD
Signing backk, hope to see you around the forums.

Bah, damn goddamn character limit I HATE YOU D:

Anyway, sup spencer?
not talked to you for ages spencer.
so spencer, how have you been?


it sounds like a gay man's name.. hehe.
I am on a mission to sign everyone on neo's guestbook. I am doing this in hopes you will sign back.

You are sign #26 of the mission.
Happy holidays and merry Christmas Ali.
Nice to know someone like you is a Soul Calibur fan.
Your header was awesome btw. ^^ Oh, and not to mention your banners. 8)

Haha George killed himself unintentionally with Grenades, Hammer and Boomhot yesterday.


You haFf been stamped by the ulmighty sTuYy. [= [=

Laterzz. <3

xI will keep signing until I get animegirl's love!x
Don't you think Kjg should actually be a word for 'beyond brilliance'?
I might put that forward to the... people who make words
maybe in capitals... like KJG
"You are so KJG!"
I can actually see people saying that! =O It'll be the next big thing! back me up won'tcha?
KJG's slave woz 'ere leik :L
just whant to say hi to u and sign your guest book becuz i fell sad no one signing it any more!XD

Best birthday present ever. So, I shall say again, happy birthday.
If I'm not mistaken, today is your birthday. I hope you have a good day. I had a stamp of a fat kid eating a birthday cake, but I lost it. Oh well.

Best wishes,
You've been randomly bitten by me, becasue i felt like it. Now that i have tasted you i hope to see you around the forums alot more.

have this for being such a good GFX maker and a cool person

sign back
Hi Shattered, I'm bored and randomly signing guestbooks so I thought I might sign yours because you've made a banner for me before and you made one for Musical Instruments & Equipment (posted up by rockhole).

Not to mention we have similar musical tastes.

Hey saw you around and we have stuff in common. Be honoured by Britain.

I'm on a stamping spree.

Seeya Around.
I wanted to give you a Gackt Stamp but what the *bleep* its Valentines Day !!!

I'm still too happy about the BEAUTIFUL banner you made for me .I shall hire you as my Graphics personnal assistant someday XD

Cya soon Ali !!!


Like uh, haff a gewd valentines day or somefeeng.

I dun effan like valentines day u.u

Anehway like, I luff yah effan if yuh ish completeleh lollehz! XD

Thanks to that amazingly awesome banner you made for me woot !!!

Gackt's Redemption ..........
just stamping everyone who posted in my digiport at least once so heres a stamp fer ya

now if there was only and ares on neo i didnt like
Yunalookalike told me to sign your guest book, Apologizing to her.

It seems like I tend to upset you more time
and time again.
Then when I say I'm sorry and want to fix it,
Your feelings won't let me mend.
I'm sorry for all the stupid mistakes I make that
appear to let you down.
I never mean to flip your beautiful smile upside
down into a frown.

Dunno if I said it before, but if so I'll say it again: I love your graphics so much. ;__; You're talented.

[/random img]

I hear a lot about you. *scared*

Anyway, take care.


Praise be to Quicksilver

Goddess Kali, high and mighty,
Shines great and bright,
bathing us all in a glimmering light.

In comes she,
and out goes I,
screaming with a gracious voice,
'Sing me a song, or else ye shall die!'

And woe is me,
if I do not satisfy,
the elegant beauty,
that is Goddess Kali.

So I shall praise her once,
praise her twice,
praise her with chicken soup and rice.

This signing has been brought to you by Just For Now, adoring slavie of the Goddess Kali, She Who Must Be Obeyed.

I <3 Yunie

Just got a new stamp and I'm signing random people's guestbooks. Guess what? You win!

Sign back OR SO HELP ME GOD!

~end message~