Hey, I saw you around the Pokemon Pearl forum so I thought I would sign your Guestbook. =D
Wanna be my friend? PM me please. also can you sign my guestbook please? sorry, I don't know how to put pictures in messages.
Be happy, your guestbook has now been signed by an 'unofficially insane' person! I bet not many people can claim that! That aside, HI!! ... Emm...what else am I suppose to do with a guestbook??
I said I would sign your guestbook and I did.Mhahahaha.The second one I have signed.Oh-Yay.Oh and can you please sign my guestbook.Since I dont know anyone on neoseeker you can be the first to sign it.
omg, your totally my role modle for MPH lol, your like sooo good at it, i wanna fight you 1 day, i look up too you alot lol
hey sharp why you leave this place?
well im very bad writing things like guestbook but ill do my best.
First.-Your one of my best friends over the net
(not like these *bleep*ing gamefaqs users.
Second.-Your a good (well not so good)leader and a really hard to kill guy.
Fourth.-Hope we can play sometime Mph.
Fifht.-I think thats all i have to say.
P.D:sign my guestbook when you can :-)
Signed By Me (elite marco)

Here ya go:

I'll sign again when I make a new stamp which will be soon.
hi i would like to battle on metroid sometime so well just wait and see who wins.
plus who is your favourite character and what is your shooting style.

sign back soon

yeah yeah, ow i got to fill up this space again, good thing the stamp has a long url
What's up?

You give me some pretty good battles... don't ever change your sniping style!!!

p.s. Your a really good sniper
Hey thanks for signing my GB... sorry I don't play MP:H online I would like to play, but I'm a single player kind of guy.

Hope to see ya around

Well, you asked me to sign your guestbook. So, here I am. Sorry for not being able to fight in MPH.

Sign back when you can.