added Shana as a friend
added Shana as a friend

Well, I sure hope you know more moves than one >_> read more

There's always thousands of miles to the NW... read more

Four hours away is better than a half an hour or so. It's the route I took. Methinks you'll like it. If not, there's always another country... read more

Auburn? I don't know anyone there, shockingly enough. D= read more

You're a creeper, you know that? A lovable creeper, but a creeper nevertheless. I'm so happy to hear that you're finally ready to move out. And glad that the whole moving out to live with Brian thing didn't work out. read more

It's good, you're going out, doing your own thing. I got you the best going away present, when the time comes anyway read more

Wicked song.

[youtube]oWdkQ2nXbng[/youtube] read more

I didn't know mythical creatures can sing. ;.; read more

-e, plz
Nat has had an obsession with Narwhals ever since she believed they were mythical creatures. I can't believe people would make videos like that, but of the ones you linked me to, I liked the informational one the most. The one with that song that we feel like we know but can't remember the name of. read more

Whatthe heck is with the Narwhales?! read more

They're the unicorns of the sea. read more

They might actually be some of the coolest things i've ever seen in my life. Awesome. read more

Oh yeah they've been around one told you that huh? Well you shouldn't be disappointed that they exist, but thrilled they do. They are pretty damn cool. read more


KVOR ER NARTVAL? read more

Hey whats up why can't I pm you read more