OMG!! I LOVE SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG!! PPL SAY HE IS BAD, HE DOES'NT HAVE FEELINGS!! HE DOES PPL AND U KNOW IT!!! I HATE WHAT THEY TURNED SHADOW INTO!! He was nice with Maria... And he was happy... Poor Shadow... They changed him into a KILLING MISHEEN!! He would'nt do that in front of Maria and I am totaly AGENST ppl who hate Shadow! Shadow is just doing bad things because he wants revenge because Maria died... I wish I could go to Shadow's world and give him a BIG hug... Thats all he needs sins Maria died... A hug... My Sonic Couples: Maria & Shadow: Shadow & Amy: Tails & Cosmo: Rouge & Knuckles: Knuckles & Tikal: Sonic and... Well... No one. Because Sonic is a JERK!! Amy realy likes him but he will regret it when Shadow and Amy like each other.. He will get jeluse... wait and see.... But I like Shadow and Maria better... U know what I think? I think Maria will come back as a Hedgehog... I hope she does. Don'nt forget what Maria said Shadow... Keep the promiss I know u will big hugs Shadow! last time I cryed when episode 38 on sonic x when Shadow died. I was like... " SHADOW!! OMG SHADOW PLZ DON'T DIE!! PLZ DON'T DIE!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! OMG!!" until... Shadow Came back!! I was like... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! SHADOW!! OMG HES BACK!!! OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! AAAAAAAAA!!! SHADOW!!!!" I know ppl... I have Shadow problems... But I'm proud. XD LOL!!!


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