Shadow_Hyp's achievements in Wik: Fable of Souls

Loop Master (15G) 0 comments Get 60 points in Loopnastics
String Looper (20G) 0 comments Loop Wik 3 times on one swing
Perfect Grub Hero (15G) 0 comments Get all grubs on 10 Story Levels
Challenge Apprentice (10G) 0 comments Finish 30% of Challenge Mode
Challenge Master (20G) 0 comments Finish the Challenge Mode
Story Apprentice (10G) 0 comments Finish the Story Prologue Levels
Story Master (20G) 0 comments Finish the Story Mode
Ghost Master Hero (15G) 0 comments Beat it on any Challenge Level
Liberator of Caged Souls (25G) 0 comments Get all gems and complete game
Mouth Full of Bugs (15G) 0 comments Put 500 bugs in Wik's mouth
Acrobatic Apprentice (15G) 0 comments Latch-Suck-Spit-Latch in order
Acrobatic Master (20G) 0 comments Loop-Release-Loop-Release-Loop

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