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Muffin Button. *epic smiley face* read more

It's the entire point of the status update.... '-_- the shadows also fear nothing, I'm just acting here... XD read more

Card games played by penguins on motorcycles with invisible guns chasing she males (AKA that British kid who i dont remember [Bakura])

AAAAHHH THE WOOPER'S GONNA EAT US AAAALLLLL! RUN FOR COVER! *ducks under tree and smacks head on root* owie... T-T read more

Well, obviously... THE GLASSES! *DUN, DUN, DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN*>: D read more

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I drew an awesome Eevee... EETS MEH NEW PROFILE PIC~!
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Watching Pokemon Black and White... Am I such a nerd, or what? XD
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