Card games played by penguins on motorcycles with invisible guns chasing she males (AKA that British kid who i dont remember [Bakura])
I drew an awesome Eevee... EETS MEH NEW PROFILE PIC~!
Watching Pokemon Black and White... Am I such a nerd, or what? XD
2 New Episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged in one day.... MIND OFFICIALLY BLOWN!!!!!! ((((;゚Д゚)))))))
If you need me, I'll be dying somewhere... ANYWHERE OTHER THAN A HOLE. *slams face into locker multiple times out of angst*
*Pokes you on the shoulder* Excuse me, but have you seen my life? I believe I lost it when I became awesome. >:)
Does anyone else feel like they're being watched? :shifty: (Slenderman: HEY GUUUYS!!! :D (OH CRAP! :shocked:
*checks Youtube* NEW EPISODE OF YGOTAS!!! OH MY *EFF~!*ING GOD!!! :D (insert extremely stereotypical fangirl scream here)
Shadows or Light? *Holds up gun to your head* There's no right or wrong answer. You're just screwed. >:)
Shadows or Light? *holds up gun to your head* Ther'e's no right or wrong answer, you're just screwed. >:)
Shadows or Light *holds up gun to your head* there's no right or wrong answer, you're just screwed. >:)
<- Best... Picture Ever.... (talking about profile pic...)
I just turned 13 on the 6th... and apparently I'm Melivin now. (According to the rest of the SDD) XD
Pondering the meaning of life with my evil half. -_-

Teesha Harmonia! :D

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